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Define SRY and TDF

SRY - Sex determining Region of Y chromosome. Necessary for male development. TDF - Testis Determining Factor, proper functioning of this protein and its reception is necessary for male development


Ejaculatory duct

The portion of the vas deferens entering the prostate gland


How long does the indifferent period last?

Until about the 7th week (then male and female development diverge)


The three sources of cells in the genital ridge

Mesothelium, mesenchyme, primordial germ cells


Primordial germ cells develop outside the gastral embryo for a period. Why is this and when do they return?

To protect their ability to make germ cells. They return to the embryo in the 4th-5th week.


The genital ridge forms alongside what embryonic structure?

The mesonephros


What do the proliferating epithelium cells of the gonadal ridge form, and what do these become?

Primitive sex cords, which become seminiferous tubules


How does development of the primitive sex cords proceed differently in males and females?

PGCs migrate to the medullary (deep) area of the cords in males, and to the cortex area of the cords in females


What does the paramesonephric duct become?

Uterus, fallopian tubes, and part of vagina


For the mesonephric and paramesonephric ducts respectively, is it associated with male or female development?

Mesonephric - male development, Paramesonephric - female development


What do the cortex and medulla of the gonadal ridge respectively become?

Cortex - Ovaries, Medulla - Testes


In males, what is secreted from where to make the paramesonephric duct regress?

Sertoli cells secrete antimullerian factor to make the paramesonephric duct (would be uterus, fallopian tubes, part of vagina) regress


Is the tunica albuginia found in male or female development and what does it do?

Both male and female. It is a sheath of white connective tissue which supports and protects the gonadal ridge


What eventually provides a home for cell clusters of PGCs in the developing female embryo?

Secondary sex cords (which arise from the cortex after primary cords degenerate), which form primordial follicles


What transports sperm to the vas deferens?

The epididymis


Ductus deferens

The muscular coat of the vas deferens


The seminal vesicles are originally a branch off what?

The mesonephric duct


The seminal vesicles are attached to the vas deferens just before it flows into what?

The prostate gland


Three parts of prostate and their germ layer origins

Epithelium of prostatic urethra (endoderm), Glandular epithelium of prostate (endoderm), Dense stroma and smooth muscle (mesoderm)


What holds the uterus in place?

The broad ligament


What turns into either the penis or clitoris?

The genital tubercle

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