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What are the two triangles of the perineum and what line divides them?

The anal triangle (posterior) and urogenital triangle (anterior). They are divided by a line running between the two ischial tuberosities


Where is the perineal body found relative to the underlying pelvic bones?

On the center of a line connecting the two ischial tuberosities (the line that separates the UG triangle and anal triangle)


Give the contents of the two perineal triangles for men and women

Anal triangle - anal canal and anus (both sexes), UG triangle - external genitalia (female), root of scrotum and penis (male)


Do the two perineal triangles lie in the same plane?



Give the layers of perineal fascia

Superficial (composed of campers and colles fascia) and Deep


What muscles does the deep perineal fascia invest?

Ischiocavernosus, Bulbospongiosus, and Superficial Transverse Perineal


Which of the perineal triangles are covered by colles fascia?

The UG triangle is covered by colles fascia, but the anal triangle is not


If the urethra ruptures, what will limit flow of urine posteriorly?

Colles fascia (it fuses to posterior membrane of UG triangle)


Where is the superficial perineal space (pouch)?

Between the membraneous layer of perineal fascia (Colles fascia) and the Perineal Membrane


What is the deep layer of perineal fascia continuous with?

The deep fascia covering the external oblique and rectus sheath (then attaches laterally to the ischiopubic ramus)


Contents of the superficial perineal pouch in males

1) Bulb and crura of the penis and their covering muscles, 2) Proximal portion of the spongy urethra, 3) Superficial transverse perineal muscles, 4) Branches of internal pudendal vessels, 5) Branches of pudendal nerves


For females and males respectively, does the bulb of the penis/clitoris split or stay together?

In females it splits, in males it stays together


What is the corpus spongiosum?

The mass of spongy tissue surrounding the male urethra within the penis


Give the boundaries of the deep perineal pouch

Perineal membrane (inferior), Inferior fascia of pelvic diaphragm (superior)


What is notable about the course of the urethra in males?

It contains a significant bend between the root of the penis and the deep perineal membrane. Because of this foley catheters can puncture the urethra if not put in properly


List the branches of the internal pudendal artery

Inferior rectal, perineal branch, posterior scrotal (labial), deep artery of penis (clitoris), dorsal arteries of penis (clitoris), artery to bulb of penis


Tributaries of the internal pudendal vein

Inferior rectal, deep dorsal vein of penis (clitoris)


Where is a pudendal nerve block injected?

Where the pudendal nerve crosses the sacrospinous ligament near the ischial spine

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