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What artery runs through the gluteal region and doesnt supply blood to any of the muscles in this region?

Internal pudendal


What is the structure between the three unfused bones of the child/teen hip bone called?

The triradiate cartilage


Name the muscles of the gluteal region

Gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, tensor of fascia lata, piriformis, obturator internus, superior and inferior gemelli, quadratus femoris, obturator externus


Where is the piriformis muscle relative to the gluteus maximus muscle?

Piriformis is deep to it


What is the main difference between gluteus medius and gluteus minimus?

Different origin (insertion, innervation, and function are all the same)


What is the key anatomical landmark in the gluteal region?

The piriformis muscle


The safe zone for a intramuscular gluteal injection is on which side of a line from where to where? Also what structure is avoided by staying in the safe zone?

Stay anterior to a line from PSIS to greater trochanter to avoid the sciatic nerve


The piriformis splits what structure into what two regions?

Splits greater sciatic foramen into suprapiriformis and infrapiriformis regions


What arteries travel through the gluteal region?

Superior gluteal, inferior gluteal, internal pudendal (travels through but does not supply)


There is an anastamosis in the thigh. What is this anastamosis called and what vessels contribute to it?

Cruciate anastamosis of the thigh. Superior/inferior gluteal, first perforating, medial/lateral circumflex femoral arteries


Where do the superior gluteal, inferior gluteal, and internal pudendal arteries exit the pelvis relative to the piriformis muscle

Superior gluteal - superior to piriformis, Inferior gluteal and internal pudendal - inferior to piriformis (all four structures leave via GSF)


What branches does the superior gluteal give off?

Superficial and deep branches


What is the artery to the sciatic nerve?

Inferior gluteal artery


If looking in laterally after reflecting the gluteus maximus muscle, where would one find the superior gluteal artery, nerve and vein?

In the notch between gluteus medius/minimus and piriformis


What are the two divisions of the sciatic nerve?

Common fibular and tibial


Typically, where does the sciatic nerve enter the gluteal region relative to the piriformis?

Inferior to it (in GSF)


Common causes of piriformis muscle syndrome and the etiology

Compression of the sciatic nerve by the piriformis muscle. May be caused by 1) Abberant develop of piriformis or sciatic, 2) Inflammation, 3) Sacroiliac disease, 4) Pelvic disease, 5) Hypertrophy (atheletes), 6) Muscle spasm


Symptoms of piriformis muscle syndrome

Pain, paresthesia (pins and needles), burning sensation, hypesthesia, anesthesia, motor weakness, hypotrophy


Trace lymph drainage from deep tissue of the gluteal region

Superior/inferior inguinal nodes, internal iliac nodes, common iliac nodes, aortic lumbar nodes


Trace lymph drainage from superficial tissue of the gluteal region

Superficial inguinal nodes to external iliac nodes


Two sources of fascia lata

Gluteus maximus fascia, and tensor fascia lata fascia


What structure does a shortened IT band rub across?

The lateral epicondyle

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