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What is the purpose of identifying the dead?

-human rights
-civil law
-closure for families
-assessment of injuries


What is involved in identification?

-visual inspection
-specialist analysis e.g. anatomists/anthropologists or DNA testing


How can sex be determined?

-sexual dimorphism of skeleton
-examination for prostate gland/testes or uterus/ovaries


How can age be determined?

-bone development using ossification centres in fetus/neonates
-assessment of epiphyses in children/adolescents
-ageing by teeth proves most valuable factor


Why is it difficult to determine stature?

-people may not have had their height measured accurately in life
-however, the lower limb is the most useful for calculation of height


What can make IDing easier?

when there is a possible identity available to compare


How can a persons medical history be of use?

- history of deformities, arthritis, gallstones
-surgical procedures: surgical implants or prostheses, pacemakers, old fractures, removal of organs
-tattoos, particularly names


What personal identifiers are there?

-dental records
-DNA profiling