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What did the 1920s and 1930s see in terms of racism

Saw scientific racism and bogus theories about race types and inferior races


What was the 'Harlem Renaissance' and when did America see this

The development of the black awareness and culture seen in the 1930s


What Type of music and black dance became internationally popular

The Charleston and jazz music


What were the 'new Negroes'

The blacks who were starting to realise the great possibilities within themselves


What was the NAACP and when was it set up

The National Association for the Advancement of Coloured People set up in 1911


How many members did the NAACP have in 1945

450,000 members


What did The NAACP do during the 1930s

It conducted a campaign against lynchings


Who was Charles Houston and what did he do

A black NAACP lawyer who trained and elite team of black lawyers who challenged segregation laws in the courts


What particular right did The NAACP black lawyers win

The right to postgraduate education and the right to sit on juries


What happened during the Second World War in terms of blacks

Black activism grew


Who was James Farmer and what did he do

A black Christian socialist who founded the CORE


What was the CORE and what did it do

The Congress of Racial Equality which organised sit-ins at segregated restaurants and insisted its members sit in white seats on interstate buses


Was there increased racism during the war



When was the Fair Employment Practices law set up and what did it do

Set up in 1941 and abolished discrimination against black workers in defence industries, which employed 2 million blacks by the end of the war.


What were white workers attitudes towards black after 1941

They resented what they saw as black people taking their jobs and moving into their neighbourhoods


What did whites do because of their views of blacks

They called strikes, picketed black housing project and attacked black workers


When were the race riots across America and where notably were they

Notably in Detroit


How many black people had served in the US Army and fought against Nazi racism and oppression during the war

More than 1 million


What did blacks think after they served in the war

That they had and equality-1 ex-corporal said; I went into the army and nigger, I'm coming out a man


What was the principal behind the Jim Crow Laws

Separate but equal


How kept the Jim Crow laws underpinned in the law

The Supreme Court


What did most returning black soldiers find themselves being and being called

Found themselves unemployed and called 'boy'


What happened to black soldiers in the southern states of the USA who questioned themselves in society

They were beaten and even murdered


What kind of views did Pres Harry S.Truman 1945 to 53 hold

Racist views in Private


What did Pres Harry S.Truman once do

He joined the KKK


What did president Truman now speak out for

Civil rights, particularly for returning black soldiers


What did Truman do for Blacks

Gave black workers equality in Armed Forces and civil service and ruled that government contracts could not be given to companies which refuse to employ black workers


When did Truman set up a civil rights committee and what did this committee do


This recommended anti-lynching laws, voting rights, and ended to discrimination in interstate travel, a fair employment board and a permanent commission on civil rights


Was truman a success and why

No his goodwill of making a number of speeches supporting civil rights did not translate into significant changes in the status of black people


When was Pres Dwight Eisenhower elected and when did he leave office

1953 to 1961


Why was Pres Dwight Eisenhower a contrast to Truman

Eisenhower seemed less committed to civil rights


What did Eisenhower do that was bad in terms of his election team

He only android one black worker, who was given minor jobs (such as arranging parking lots).


When did Eisenhower introduce in the civil rights bills

1957 and again in 1960


What did Eisenhowers Bill make

Made it illegal to obstruct school desegregation and illegal to stop black voters from voting


How much did Eisenhowers civil rights bill increase the number of black voters by

Only 3%


Where did the key breakthrough in Black civil rights comes from

NAACP through courts -Not the government


What happened in 1954 with the NAACP

They fought the board of education of Topeka, Kansas, in Supreme Court


What happened with Brown versus Topeka

NAACP lawyers asserted right of black church Minister Oliver Brown to send daughter to near by white school, rather than back school far away


What was the result of the court fight between Brown versus Topeka and The NAACP

Chief Justice Warren stated that the concept 'separate but equal' was unconstitutional and that segregated schools were psychologically harmful to children


What case brought the Ku Klux Klan back to life

The brown case


Who lead the Ku Klux Klan after they were brought back to life by the brown case

Robert Shelton and white knights of the KU Klux Klan


What did Robert Shelton declare

That desegregation was Communist, thus linking to fears held by white southerners-the third being about the black men might violate white woman


Where did they KKK especially receive support

The Protestant churches


What did the media mock about the KKK

Their ceremonies-where they wore long white robes and hoods


Much as a result of the mocking of media On the KKK

Murders and bombings increased by them


When was Emmett-Till murdered



Who was Emmett till

A 14 year old black boy from Chicago


Describe the murder of Emmett Till

Till at Mississippi to visit great uncle
Whistled at white female shopkeeper.
Three days later-body discovered
Shot in the head and beaten and mutilated until he was unrecognisable
Emmets great uncle who ignored KKK threats identified woman's husband as Emmetta abductor
Jury take only hour to find husband not guilty of murder or kidnap


What was the name of the white women shopkeepers husband

Roy Bryant


What happened two months after the trial of Emmett Tills murder

Roy Bryant admits to killing in interview with look magazine (for which he was paid $4000), but stayed free until death in 1994