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What was the second new deal named after

Roosevelts reaction to the opposition Of the new deal


What was the NRA replaced with and when and what were its aims

Replaced with the national labour relations act
sometimes called the 'Wagner act'

this protected workers rights to join a trade union


What did Roosevelt also set up to prevent employers from victimising workers

The national labour relations board (NLRB)


What did Roosevelt replace the AAA with and when and what were its aims

The soil conservation act of 1935 allowed the government to continue subsiding farmers


What did Roosevelt introduce in the second phase of the new deal

Measures to change the underlying structures of society


When was the Social Security Act set up and what did it do and provide

Provided America's first system of social welfare - set up national system of old age pensions and national system of unemployment insurance.
Also provided help for children in need and people with physical disabilities


When was Roosevelts first term in office coming to an end?



What did Roosevelt base his campaign on for the re- election

A promise not only to continue with the new deal but to make it more radical and far reaching


How many states voted against Roosevelt? (/48)



What is the result of 46 state vote for Roosevelt

He received a clear vote of confidence for his policy from the American people


When was the National Housing act set up and what were aims

1937. Reduce excessive rents and Made loans available so that people could buy their own houses


When was the Fair Labour Standards Act and what did they do

Fixed the hours and conditions of work and set a minimum wage


Give seven people who were in favour of the new deal

1) All people helped by FERA
2) All given jobs by CWA, PWA or WPA or loans by HOLC
3) Trade unionists and everyone protected by NRA NLRA and FLSA
4) Residents of Tennessee Valley
5) People with money in banks
6) People helped by social security act
7) Tenants protected by the National Housing act


Give two types of people who were neutral about the new deal

1) black americans - did not benefit enough but still supported
2) farmers, one-third of whom lost their farms


Give 5 examples of people who were not in favour of the new deal

1) Republicans who claimed it was wasted money
2) Businessmen who did not like interference
3) Rich people who felt deserted
4) Supreme Court-especially when Roosevelt threatened to pack it with six Democrats
5) Huey Long and Francis Townsend


By 1935 how many black people were dependent on relief payments

A third


Who continue to have a low standard of living except for blacks

Farmers and Especially farm labourers


By 1938 what percentage of Americans were unemployed



Who were even worse off in terms of farmers

Those who lived in the areas affected by the dustbowl


What did Roosevelt allow the Federal reserve to do and why and what was the result (prevented what?)

Cautious financially, allowed Federal reserve to set high interest rates which prevented economic recovery


What was the result of Roosevelt keeping America on the gold standard

The exchange rate continued to make world trade difficult for American firms


How much did unemployment fall by between 1933 and 1936

1933 - 14 million
1936 - 9 million


Why was there limited recovery in the first phase of the new deal from 1933 to 1936

The government spent millions of dollars creating jobs and reviving American industry


In what year did roosevelt try to reduce spending on the new deal and what happened because of this

Demand decreased and production began to fall again, businesses started to collapse again


How many people were unemployed in 1938

11 million


After 1938 what did Roosevelt do in terms of money and what was the result of this in 1939

He pumped to more money into the economy, and unemployment fell to 9.5 million


What in the end helped the American economy recover altogether

The Second World War


When did the USA enter the war

December 1941


Despite their entry date when was the impact first felt on Americans

In 1939


When was the lend-lease act

March 1941