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Who especially opposed to the new deal? And what were their views

Republican politicians, who claimed that it involves spending lots of money that did not end depression, they felt Roosevelt was behaving like a dictator, forcing Americans to do what you wanted


Who else opposed the new deal as well as Republican politicians (what did these people say and what did they dislike?)

American businessmen as they did not like government interference in their affairs.
Especially resented the NRA and Roosevelts supports the trade unions and his attempts to increase wages
They accused Roosevelt as 'deserting his class'


Who else did the new deal meet opposition with besides Republican politicians and American businessmen

The Supreme Court


What power did the Supreme Court have under the terms of what

Under the terms of the US Constitution, the Supreme Court can declare illegal any measure passed by the Pres and Congress which decides is unconstitutional


Why was Roosevelt unfortunate (think judges in Supreme Court)

I majority of the judges on the Supreme Court were Republicans


What did the Republican party feel about the new deal

They felt that the new deal ran against the constitution because the federal government had taken powers which belong to the separate states


How many cases did the Supreme Court rule against the Alphabet Agencies

11 cases


Give an example of a case that the Supreme Court ruled against about the NRA

1930 NRA had to be withdrawn when the Supreme Court ruled that the government did not have the right to impose rules of fair competition


Give an example where the Supreme Court ruled against the AAA

1936 AAA was also declared unconstitutional when the Supreme Court ruled that it was 'oppressive coercion' to pay a subsidy only if farmers reduce production


What did Roosevelt threaten the Supreme Court with and when was this (same year as reelection of Roosevelt)

1936 election victory Roosevelt threatened to add six judges to the Supreme Court to create a democratic majority


What did Roosevelts threat result in

His threat to 'pack' the court made him unpopular throughout America even among Democrats


What it was a result of Roosevelts threat and him and the Supreme Court backing down

No more of Roosevelts measures were rejected by the court


What did some other general opponents think about Roosevelts new deal

There was some Americans who found that Roosevelt was not doing enough


Who was Huey Long and what did he set up

Senator for Louisiana.

Set up the 'Share Our Wealth' Movement


What did Longs movement entail

Confiscating all fortunes over $3 million and sharing out the money so that every American family would have between $4000 and $5000


What did Huey Long also want besides the movement (three)

Free education for all Americans, a national minimum wage and old age pensions


Where were Huey Longs ideas popular (one state)



Why did long and his supporters attract opposition

People thought they were being too extreme


When was Long assassinated and what was the result of this

Assassinated in 1935 after this support for his movement collapsed


Here was the American doctor who opposed Roosevelts new deal and what did he campaign for

Francis Townsend the American doctor who campaigned for old age pension of $200 a month