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What was the Civil Rights act part of

The great society program


Who designed the great society program and why

The new Pres Lyndon Johnson to bring an end to poverty and injustice


What did the Civil Rights act out law and what was set up to enforce these rulings (outlaws)

Racial segregation in schools, public places and employment and set up an equal opportunities commission to enforce this ruling


Where did Johnson direct his funding and what result did this have on states

To those states which made fastest progress on desegregation this resulted in states being encouraged to work harder to get this funding


When were two young civil rights workers murdered



What did Johnson do in his reaction of the murder of two young civil rights workers

Ordered FBI to hunt down killers

Led to 19 KKK men including a sheriff and deputy arrested


How many KKK men were arrested in the hunt to find the killers of the two young civil rights workers



When did Pres Johnson pass the voting rights act



What did the voting rights act end and result in

Ended literacy tests and other tricks by which whites had stopped blacks registering to vote - now everyone could vote as of right


When was the education act also set up



What did the education act provide and result in

Funding for public schools; black students gain significantly and the number of black people's leaving with high school diploma is increased


In what year did James Farmer recommend what

1962 farmer recommends what he called 'compulsory preferential treatment'


What is compulsory preferential treatment

giving black people extra help to allow them to compete with more advantage whites


What idea did Johnson adopt and what did he call this idea

Farmers compulsory preferential treatment
He called it affirmative action


What is affirmative action

Pres Johnson's policy of giving black people more support to compete with some more well off white people


When was a higher education act passed and what did it do

Past 1965

Gave aid to black colleges


When was in the fair Housing act passed and what did it do

Also called Civil Rights act
Banned discrimination in housing


What was the fair Housing act designed to do

To allow black Americans if they wished to move into areas where white Americans lived


What was johnsons great society program taken over by

The Vietnam war


What is the result of the Vietnam war on the government and their program of social reform

The government no longer had the money to spend on the ambitious program of social reform


By 1967 what was the average black persons income in comparison to the white persons income

Reason to 62% of the average white persons income


Amongst what riots of what timeframe had black politics been radicalised

Amongst the riots of 1964 to 68


After what riots of what year did King visit the area of where these riots took place

The watts riots of 1965


What was King's reaction when he visited the area of watts

Horrified at the economic deprivation, social isolation, inadequate housing, and general despair


When did Martin Luther King go to live in the ghettos of what city to see how he might help

1966 went to live in the ghettos of Chicago


Why was king not a success in Chicago

He quarrelled with the mayor

Not well liked by local black people


What riots broke out in the summer of 1966

The fire hydrant riots


Why did the fire hydrant riots breakout

When the police shut down a fire hydrant that black youths had been playing in


Who did the mayor blame for the fire hydrant riots in the summer of 1966



In what year did King join and SNCC in March in Where?

1966 in Memphis


What was the SNCC March in Memphis known as And why

Known as the Meredith March

as held in support of James Meredith who intended to march on his own but had been shot and wounded on the second day


What did King argue with Stokely Carmichael about

About whether the march should be back only


On the March what did SNCC members sing

Oh what fun it is to blast/a trooper man away


What did Carmichael use the Meredith March event as

A platform from which to preach black power


What did the new black power leaders think of King

They despised him personally and had little in common


Why did Martin Luther King not like the talk of black power

He feared it would frighten his white supporters and provoke racial conflict


What did king want instead of black power

Striped power
Black and white would share equally


What was king mostly horrified by

The black power movements open advocacy of violent protest


What did king realise towards the end of his life now that desegregation and voting legislation was in place

What is needed was social action


What had the civil rights movement secured and what was a flaw in his secretion

Legal equality but this only gave black Americans an opportunity not a deliverance


When did Martin Luther King publish his book where do we go from here



What idea did King take up in his book

The idea of affirmative-action

Giving black Americans the vote had cost white America nothing now is time to social and economic action


What was the result of kings new left wing political Views

1967 he began to speak out against the Vietnam War, declaring that it was immoral and on social grounds: it cost half $1 million to kill a Vietcong soldier; but we are only spending $53 on every poor American back home he said


When was Martin Luther King assassinated



What happened in the years since 1964

Black Americans achieved an impressive string of firsts

-First black mayor, first black general, first black US ambassador to the United Nations, first black spaceshuttle commander, first Black Secretary of State.


Whatever census of 1992 show

Average black income was about 62% of average white income-exactly what had been 25 years earlier.

1/3 of all black male age 20 to 29 were in prison, on parole on probation (black American seven times more likely than white American to be in jail)


In 1992 how much percent of the black population were unemployed

14%-double the figure for white Americans


In 1992 in some of the inner-city ghettos how high was unemployment



In 1991 what happened to do with Los Angeles Police

LA police are filmed giving Rodney King and monkey slapping (one of the offices described it)


What was the result of the 1991 Rodney King slapping

Jury acquitted the offices in 1992, black protesters riot for six days


How many people died during the Rodney King riots and how much damage was done

53 people died
$1 billion of damage done