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What do obstructive diseases limit?

limitation of airflow
increase in resistance due to partial or complete obstruction
-have trouble letting the air out


What does a restrictive disease reduce?

reduces expansion of lung parenchyma


What are examples of obstructive airway diseases, how is the FEV1 affected?

Decreased FEV1
-increase in resistance to airflow due to obstruction at any level

1. emphysema
2. chronic bronchitis
3. bronchiectasis
4. asthma
5. tumor
6. foreign body


What are examples of obstructive airway diseases, how is the FEV1 and TLC affected?

Normal FEV1, Decreased TLC
-reduced expansion of lung parenchyma with decrease in total lung capacity

Chest wall disorders (polio, obesity, pleural disease, kyphoscoliosis)
Interstitial/ Infiltrative diseases (ARDS, dust disease, interstitial fibrosis)


What does a pulmonary function curve look like in obstructive vs. restrictive lung disease?

Obstructive-shift in curve but size remains the same
Restrictive-same shape but smaller


What are 4 key obstructive pulmonary diseases?

1. Asthma
2. chronic bronchitis
3. emphysema
4. bronchiectasis


What is asthma?

intermittent and reversible airway obstruction
-increased responsiveness of the tracheobronchial tree to various stimuli
-multiple genes+environment
-chronic bronchial inflammation with eosinophils
-bronchial smooth muscle hypertrophy hyperreactivity
-increased mucus production

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