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What two factors does adherence require?

host receptor
bacterial adhesin


What are the two processes of adhesion?

1. pilus (fimbria)-for attachment at a distance
2. non-fimbrial adhesion (outer membrane protein)-for intimate attachment


Are there different pili for different environments?

gonorrhea (vag vs rectum)
e coli ( bladder vs kidney)


What is antigenic diversity of pilis?

-varying adhesion composition to avoid immune system
-different antigens


What is pilE, pilS?

pilE-expressed due to promoter
-antigenicity depends upon the sequence of pilE
pilS-silent genes due to lack of promoter and imcomplete


How do the genes in pilE change?

1. gene conversion
-from pilS=endogenote
2. transformation
-from pilS=exogenote

-infinite possibilities because there isnt 100% swap

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