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A mentor is a trusted counsel or guide. What is mentoring?

A relationship in which a person with greater experience and wisdom guides another person in personal and professional development.


Mentoring is a promotion enhancement program (T/F)

False. (It is a professional development program designed to help each individuals reach his or her maximum potential.)


In mentoring, professional development occurs at every echelon and activity. (T/F)



Why is mentoring part of a professional relationship?

Because it 1) fosters communication; 2) enhances morale and discipline; and 3) improves the operational environment while maintaining respect for authority.


Name at least three areas that mentoring covers?

Any three of the following: 1) career guidance; 2) technical and professional development; 3) leadership; 4) Air Force history and heritage; 5) air and space power doctrine; 6) strategic vision; 7) contributions to joint war-fighting; 8) knowledge of military ethics; and 9) understanding the Air Force's core values.


Who is an Airman's primary mentor?

His or her immediate supervisor or rater.


Whose direct involvement is key to the mentoring process?

The commander's and supervisor's.


List six programs that help commanders and supervisors focus their attention on an Airman's professional development.

1) Performance feedback; 2) PME; 3) academic education opportunities; 4) assignment policies; 5) recognition programs; and 6) individual personal development actions.


There are many organizations, programs and associations dedicated to the education and advancement of military professionals. (T/F)



Who provides lists and contact information for organizations that support military development?

The first sergeant, base education center, and Airman and Family Readiness Center (A&FRC).


It is the inherent responsibility of Air Force leaders to mentor future leaders. (T/F)



How do supervisors help their people when mentoring?

By providing realistic evaluations of performance and potential and being positive role models.


mentoring consists of a discussion of performance, potential and professional development plans during the performance feedback session. What should this feedback address as a minimum?

1) Promotion; 2) PME; 3) advanced degree work; 4) physical fitness; 5) personal goals and expectations;; 6) professional qualities; 7) next assignment; and 8) long-range plans.


_____ must distinguish between individual goals, career aspirations and realistic expectation. ____ must focus on the Air Force's institutional needs.

Mentor. Individuals.


Mentors must ensure personnel set ____ but achievable goals.



What are the roles of PME in professional development?

Preparing individuals to take on increased responsibilities appropriate to their grade and enhancing their contribution to the Air Force.


What do members focus on in PME?

Enhancing professional competence and becoming superior leaders, while expanding their operational employment of air, space and cyberspace power knowledge.


How are postsecondary degrees important to professional development?

They can enhance your job and professional qualifications. (A degree related to your primary specialty area or occupational series is most helpful.)


What two requirements must SNCO's meet to receive a senior rater endorsement on their performance report?

1) Completions of SNCOA correspondence or in residence course; and 2) a CCAF degree in any specialty.


Why should you consider membership in professional organizations and associations?

They may provide additional opportunities for mentoring, develop professional skills and broaden your technical expertise.


Substantive and formal feedback is essential to the effectiveness of the evaluation system. (T/F)



What should performance feedback provide as part of mentoring and professional development?

A realistic assessment of performance, career standing, future potential and actions to help the rate reach the next level of professional development.


What outlines the requirements for promotion selection (SSgt-MSgt) and provides feedback score sheets to help determine your professional development needs?



Describe the "whole person concept" selection process used for promotion to SMSgt and CMSgt.

Weighted scores are added to board scores based on performance, leadership, expertise, job responsibility, professional competence, specific achievements and education.


In the military assignment system, on what should the mentor and individuals focus?

Obtaining an assignment that enhances professional development and meets Air Force needs, without necessarily keying on a specific position or location.


Military assignments should complement the individual's professional development needs and be second only to what?

Mission requirements.


Who is eligible for consideration for various decorations throughout their career?

All military members.


How should a supervisor's recommendations for awards and decorations be restricted?

To recognitions of meritorious service, outstanding achievement, etc., that clearly place the individual above his or her peers.

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