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From what two sources are all budgeted and programmed manpower resources for the total Air Force - Regular Air Force, AFR, and ANG -derived?

1) The DoD Future Years Defense Program (FYDP); and 2) the Air Force's Force and Financial Plan (F&FP).


Who allocates programmed manpower resources to the MAJCOM, who in turn translates manpower resources into manpower authorizations?

The Headquarters, US Air Force Directorate of Manpower and Organization (HQ USAF/A1M).


Who serves as issue liaison between installation agencies and the MAJCOM Directorate of Manpower and Organization (A1M) staff for manpower and organization issues?

The installation manpower and organization section.


Who certifies and approves command-specific military and civilian manpower requirements before they can be used in the programming and resourcing process?

MAJCOM Directorate of Manpower and Organization (A1M) certifies and Headquarters, US Air Force (HQ USAF/A1M).


Before manpower allocations can be changed, the requesting organization must give reasons for the requested change. What must the MAJCOM propose if the initiative requires an increase in military or civilian manpower?

Special tradeoffs.


Is Air Force manpower changed to accommodate cyclical or temporary requirements?

No. (The Air Force authorizes civilian overtime, temporary full- and part-time civilian positions, TDY of military or civilian personnel and the use of contract services instead.)


What does the Air Force manpower requirements determination process systematically identify?

The minimum-essential manpower required for the most effective and economical accomplishment of approved missions and functions within organizational and resource constraints.


Headquarters, US Air Force (HQ USAF) functional managers work with The Headquarters, US Air Force Directorate of Manpower and Organization (HQ USAF/A1M) to determine the appropriate manpower management tool consistent with what three things?

The 1) resources needed to develop the manpower standard; 2) required mix of military, civilian or contrast services; and 3) required military category (officer and enlisted) and grade.


How do manpower and organization section personnel help Air Force commanders and functional managers objectively quantify manpower requirements to distribute manpower resources?

Through 1) developing peacetime manpower standards; 2) wartime manpower requirements; and 3) commercial services management actions.


Why are manpower standards established?

To ensure work center operations are efficient and standardized to create the most efficient organization.


Is the Most Efficient Organization (MEO), what is the ultimate goal of organizational performance?

Mission accomplishment.


What should resource requirements reflected in a manpower standard be based on?

An organization and process design which most effectively and efficiently accomplishes the mission.


Functional experts develop work centers, known as Most Efficient Organizations (MEO), as part of a public-private competition. What does this process emphasize?

Innovation in meeting requirements for the work being completed.


Why is the Most Efficient Organizations (MEO) allowed latitude in its organization and processes outside of the standard Air Force structure?

To enable greater efficiency and effectiveness.


to be effective, organizational change effort must include redesign and/or coordination on what five interrelated "Fronts"?

The 1) Organization and People; 2) Technology; 3) Policies, Legislation and Regulations; 4) Physical Infrastructure; and 5) Process


In the requirements determination process, where does the Organization and People Front focus as processes are redesigned or other changes are made?

On the worker who must be 1) enabled with appropriate knowledge, skills, experience and tools; 2) empowered to learn and act; and 3) rewarded based on the organization's values and measures.


In the requirements determination process, what does the Technology Front allow?

Compression of cycles, lead time and distance; broader access to information and knowledge assets; and elimination of barriers between customers and suppliers.


In the requirements determination process, the Policies, Legislation and ____ Front makes the changes required for new processes.



In the requirements determination process, which Front supports and maximizes changes in workflow, information technology and human resources by designing facilities, equipment and tools?

The Physical Infrastructure Front.


In the requirements determination process, the _____ Front redesigns work and information flow to overcome the constraints of traditional functions or boundaries.

Process Front.


The ____ is the primary document that reflects the manpower (funded and unfunded) required to accomplish the unit's mission.

Unit Manpower Document (UMD).


What data elements on the Unit Manpower Document (UMD) identify the unique attributes of a position?

1) Position number; 2) AFSC; 3) Functional Account Code (FAC); 4) work center; 5) grade; 6) number of authorizations; 7) personnel accounting symbol data; and 8) reason code to reflect the workforce mix decision for an activity.


Why should supervisors routinely check the Unit Manpower Document (UMD)?

For accuracy and to track their authorized manpower strength.


The Air Force Directorate of Manpower and Organization (AF/A1M) and the Air Force Manpower Agency (AFMA) produce reports based on Unit Manpower Document (UMD) data, which makes continuous coding review critical. (T/F)



Which agencies produce reports based on Unit Manpower Document (UMD) data?

The Air Force Directorate of Manpower and Organization (AF/A1M) and the Air Force Manpower Agency (AFMA). (This makes it critical to continuously review coding.)

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