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Why are organizational and personal stress both major concerns for enlisted leaders at all levels?

At the organizational level, it can negatively affect performance, effectiveness and mission accomplishment. At the personal level, experiencing stress over an extended period of time can lead to health problems and affect overall quality of life.


Name the two individuals who defined the concept of stress.

Physiologist Walter Cannon and endocrinologist Hans Selye; Selye is widely regarded as the father of stress research.


How did Cannon describe the body's reaction to stress?

As a response to a perceived threat that prepares the body for flight or fight.


What conclusion did Selye draw about the body's reaction to stress?

The reaction is the same regardless of whether the source was good or bad, positive or negative.


What is Selye's definition of stress?

"The nonspecific response of the body to any demand made upon it." (This demand is commonly called a stressor.)


What terms did Selye use to identify the stresses experienced from positive or negative factors?

1) Eustress (exhilarating experiences, the stress of winning and achieving); and 2) distress (negative factors, losing, failing, overworking, not coping effectively).


Stressors can be categorized into what two major areas?

1) Organizational stressors, which occur in the work environment; and 2) extra-organizational stressors, which occur outside the work environment, such as family, marital and financial issues.


Stress indicators may be isolated reactions or combinations among what three categories?

Emotional, behavioral and physical.


The duration, ____ and intensity of the symptoms can indicate the level of difficulty in dealing with stress.



Apathy, irritability and job dissatisfaction are ____ symptoms of stress.



Frequent illness, weight gain/loss and headaches are ____ symptoms of stress.



Social withdrawal, substance abuse and neglecting self-care are ____ symptoms of stress.



What does individual stress management attempt to strengthen?

Your ability to manage stressors and your stress response.


Organizational stress management methods attempt to alter potential stressors themselves. Why are both vitally important.

They are interrelated and influence each other.


Identify the five individual stress management methods.

1) Planning; 2) time-management; 3) overload avoidance; 4) relaxation; and 5) exercise and good nutrition.


How can planning help you manage stress?

It can help you look for ways to achieve your goals while avoiding the effects of known stressors.


How can time management help you manage stress?

If time management is an issue for you, it will help to use effective time management skills and tools, like developing task lists and prioritizing tasks.


How can overload avoidance help you manage stress?

It can help you identify and avoid busy work, and delegate and empower others.


How can relaxation methods help you manage stress?

By reducing mind and body tension in your daily routines, you can train your body to respond differently to stress and reduce the negative effects of stress on your health.


How can exercise and good nutrition help you manage stress?

Exercise provides an outlet for excess energy and tension caused by stress, and nutritious foods nourish you body. Both help you build resistance to the negative physical results of stress.


How can supervisors reduce organizational stress levels?

By identifying potential stressors and developing strategies to remove or reduce them.


Name the five organizational stress management methods identified in the PDG.

1) Job design; 2) improving the work environment; 3) improving organizational communication; 4) personnel selection and job placement; and 5) substance abuse programs.


What should you consider when examining job design as a potential stressor in the organizational work environment?

Ask yourself if the task is needed and feasible, or if it should be eliminated or restricted to better accommodate the individuals needs and abilities of your Airmen.


What physical factors should you consider when trying to reduce stress by improving the organization's work environment?

Examine factors such as temperature, noise and light levels, and make necessary improvements.


What is the best way to improve organizational communication and thus reduce stress in the work environment?

Do your best to keep your subordinates informed about anything that can impact their lives. (Any attempts at improvements can help lower individuals stress levels.)


How can your efforts to improve personnel selection for job placement help reduce organizational stress in the work environment.

Though difficult to do, carefully matching the right person to each position will result in satisfied workers.


In the organizational environment, why are all supervisors responsible and accountable for managing substance abusers in accordance with applicable directives.

Substance abuse can have a dramatic negative effect on mission, morale and readiness, and people's health and well-being.

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