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What does the Air Force mission and our responsibility to the nation require of Air Force members?

That we adhere to higher standards than nonmilitary members both on- and off-duty. (Remember Air Force core values of "Integrity First, Service Before Self and Excellence in All We Do."


What may result if military personnel violate the punitive provisions of DoDD 5500.07, Standards of Conduct, DoD 5500.07-R, The Joint Ethics Regulation (JER) and AFI 1-1, Air Force Standards?

Prosecution under UCMJ and/or administrative discharge.


What may result if civilian personnel violate the punitive provisions of DoDD 5500.07, Standards of Conduct, DoD 5500.07-R, The Joint Ethics Regulation (JER) and AFI 1-1, Air Force Standards?

Disciplinary action without regard to the issue of criminal liability, or administrative actions such as reprimands.


_____ are standards of conduct based on values.

Ethics. (Ethical values relate to what is right and wrong and take precedence over nonethical values when making decisions).


Ethical ____ are core beliefs (such as duty, honor and integrity) that motivate attitudes and actions.



What 10 primary ethical values should DoD employees carefully consider when making decisions in their official duties?

1) Honesty; 2) Integrity; 3) Loyalty; 4) Accountability; 5) Fairness; 6) Caring; 7) Respect; 8) Promise-Keeping; 9) Responsible Citizenship; and 10) Pursuit of Excellence.


Name three aspects of honesty as an ethical value.

Being truthful, straightforward and candid.


How can you display the ethical value "integrity" in your everyday conduct?

Be faithful to your convictions, follow your principles, act with honor, maintain independent judgment and perform your duties with impartiality.


What ethical value is synonymous with fidelity, faithfulness, allegiance and devotion, and requires careful balance among various interests, values and institutions?

Loyalty. (It is the bond that holds the nation and the US government together).


When you accept responsibility for your decisions and the resulting consequences, what ethical value do you uphold?



Open-minded, impartial, unbiased and tolerant describe a person who upholds what ethical value?



What ethical value is the counterbalance to the temptation to pursue the mission at any cost?

Caring for Others (Compassion, courtesy and kindness).


What does lack of the ethical value "respect" in government lead to?

A breakdown of loyalty and honesty, leading to chaos in the international community.


Keeping your commitments and promoting trust and cooperation are aspects of what ethical value?

Promise-keeping (Only making commitments within your authority).


Justice must be pursued and injustice must be challenged through accepted means according to what ethical value?

Responsible citizenship


Setting an example of superior diligence and commitment and striving to be better than mediocre are aspects of what ethical value?

Pursuit of excellence.


When do personal relationships between Air Force members become a matter of official concern?

When they adversely affect (or might adversely affect) the Air Force by eroding morale, good order, discipline, respect for authority, unit cohesion or mission accomplishment.


AFI ____, Professional and Unprofessional Relationships, establishes responsibilities for maintaining professional relationships.

AFI 36-2909.


Professional relationships extend to organizational activities such as athletic competitions, religious activities, community welfare projects and youth programs. (T/F)



Why do unprofessional relationships undermine morale and discipline?

They detract from the authority of superiors and create an impression of favoritism, misuse of position or abandonment of organizational goals in favor of personal interests.


Who can unprofessional relationships develop between?

Between 1) officers; 2) enlisted members; 3) officers and enlisted members; or 4) military members and civilian employees or contractors.


How is fraternization defined by the Manual for Courts-Martial (MCM)?

A personal relationship between an officer and an enlisted member that violates behavior acceptable in the air force and prejudices good order and discipline, discredits the Armed Services or personally disgraces or dishonors the officer involved.


Is fraternization specifically prohibited in the Manual for Court-Martial (MCM)?

Yes. (It is punishable under Article 134 of the UCMJ.)


Members' relative positions in the organization can change an otherwise permissible personal relationship into an unprofessional relationship. Name another such factor.

The members' relative positions in the supervisory and command chains.


As differences in grades _____, the risk that relationships within an organization will become or be perceived as unprofessional does so as well.



As long as members are not dating within the same chain of command or unit, a relationship has no adverse affect on morale and discipline. (T/F)



Potential dangers exist in personal relationships 1) within an organization; 2) with civilian employees and contractor personnel; and 3) with dating and close friendships. Name three more.

In 4) shared activities; 5) training, schools and PME; and 6) other relationships.


A supervisor and subordinate play an occasional round of golf together. Is this an inappropriate relationship?

No. (But, daily or weekly activities could appear unprofessional.)


Name several examples of unprofessional activities that could adversely impact morale, discipline and respect for authority.

Gambling, partying with subordinates, joint business ventures and soliciting or making sales to members junior in rank, grade or position.


If a military member violates a lawful order to cease an unprofessional relationship or conduct, he or she is subject to prosecution under the UCMJ. (T/F)



Can military members be prosecuted for criminal offenses committed incidental to an unprofessional relationships?

Yes. (for example, gambling, adultery or assault)


Who is primarily responsible for maintaining appropriate relationships between junior and senior members?

The senior member, officer or enlisted. (All members share this responsibility and leadership requires all personnel to exercise maturity and judgment.)


Who has the authority and responsibility to maintain good order, discipline and morale within their unit?

Commanders and supervisors.


When you consider the full spectrum of administrative actions available to respond to unprofessional relationships, which action should you normally choose?

The least severe action that will end the unprofessional aspects of the relationship. (One of more complementary actions may be taken.)


What may be an effective first step if a commander or supervisor believes an unprofessional relationship is occurring.



In unprofessional relationships that show an actual favoritism, partiality or misuse of grade or position, each instance may constitute independent violations of the UCMJ. (T/F)



Which AFI establishes administrative and management guidelines for alleged delinquent financial obligations and for processing financial claims against Air Force members?

AFI 36-2906, Personal Financial Responsibility.


Paying just financial obligations in a proper and timely manner is one financial responsibility of military members. Name four more.

1) Providing adequate financial support of a spouse, child or any other relative for whom the member receives additional allowances for support; 2) complying with financial support provisions of a court order or written support agreement; 3) responding to applications for involuntary allotments of pay; and 4) complying with rules concerning the government travel card program.


Commanders attempt to respond to financial complaints within _____ days

15 days.


What action can your commander take if you fail to satisfy a legitimate financial obligation?

He or she may take administrative or disciplinary action. (If the complaint reflects adversely, the action should be included in the Unfavorable Information File (UIF).)


To help individuals and families maintain financial stability and reach their financial goals, the Personal Financial Management Program (PFMP) offers free assistance in what three areas?

Information, education and personal financial counseling.

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