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On 17 March 2003, what ultimatum did President George W. Bush give Saddam Hussein and his sons?

Leave Iraq within 48 hours or face conflict. (It was rejected.)


What operation officially began on 20 March 2003 and ended on 1 May 2003?

Operation Iraqi Freedom.


How many troops deployed to the Gulf region for Operation Iraqi Freedom, forming a coalition of multinational troops?

More than 300,000.


More cruise missiles were fired on the first day of Operation Iraqi Freedom than during the entire first Gulf War. (T/F)

True. (Between 300 and 400 cruise missiles were fired. The second day called for launching as many again.)


The battle plan for Operation Iraqi Freedom was based on what concept?

"Shock and Awe," destroying the enemy's will to fight rather than physically destroying its military force.


What slowed the coalition's advance during Operation Iraqi Freedom?

Heave sand storms. (But solders came within 50 miles of Baghdad by 24 March and US tanks rumbled through downtown Bagdad on 7 April.)


Who was SSgt Scott Sather?

A combat controller who became the first Airman killed in Operation Iraqi Freedom. (He died on 8 April 2003 and received seven medals during his career, including the Bronze Star.)


What town did British forces take, the key to delivering humanitarian aid during Operation Iraqi Freedom?



When did US commanders declare that Saddam's regime no longer controlled Baghdad?

9 April 2003.


Who was the first person on the 55 most wanted leaders list issued by the coalition during Operation Iraqi Freedom to surrender.

Iraq's science advisor.


On 2 May 2003, President Bush announced victory in Iraq while aboard the aircraft carrier ____.

USS Abraham Lincoln.


What was president Bush's 2 May 2003 declaration of victory in Iraq based on?

An assessment given three days prior to General Tommy Franks, the top US military commander in the Gulf.

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