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You have a very brief explanatory Memorandum for record but not enough space on the bottom of your correspondence. Describe the format you'll use.

Type "MFR:" on the same line as the text, use the tighter format and sign your last name followed by the date.


List three Air Force communication formats that may require you to write bullet statements.

1) EPR; 2) AF IMT 1206, Nomination for Award; and 3) Bullet Background Paper.


List the three phases of writing an effective bullet statement.

Phase 1 - extract the facts; Phase 2 - build the structure; and Phase 3 - streamline the final product.


How should you begin writing bullet statements?

Gather as much relevant information as you can, then sort through it.


In Phase 1 of writing a bullet statement, what should you do as you sort through the information you've collected?

1) Isolate one specific action the person performed (without generalizing); 2) select the best power verb for the action; 3) look for numerical information related to the action (dollars generated, manhours saved, etc.); 4) find information about how the accomplishment impacted the bigger picture; 5) review each item to see if it is associated with the single accomplishment identified earlier; and 6) organize the information into the proper structure using the accomplishment and impact elements.


in Phase 2 of writing a bullet statement, what two components are used to organize information into the proper structure?

The accomplishment element and the impact element.


What does the accomplishment element of a bullet statement focus on?

It begins with an action and focuses on one single accomplishment. (If the action verb needs a boost, use an adverb.)


What does the impact element of a bullet statement explain?

How the person's actions affected the organization - whether at the work center level or the unit or the entire Air Force.


In Phase 3 of writing a bullet statement, streamline the final product to make it accurate, ______, and specific.

Brief. (Avoid exaggerating facts. Use the fewest, shortest, clearest, most descriptive words. Don't estimate or generalize.)


The principles of effective communication apply equally well to written and spoken communications. T/F



What are the three most common and familiar ways to prepare all official and personal correspondence and memoranda?

1) Official memorandum; 2) personal letter; and 3) Memorandum for record.


What writing format should you use to communicate with all DoD agencies?

The official memorandum


What writing format should you use to conduct official business with vendors or contractors outside the government when the personal letter isn't appropriate?

The official memorandum.


Which should you use for an official memorandum - printed letterhead, computer-generated letterhead or plain bond paper?

You may use any of them.


For an official memorandum, you may type or print on only one side and you must use black or blue-black ink. What size font should you use?

10- to 12- point.


You've made a minor typographical error while writing an official memorandum. How should you correct it?

Correct it neatly and legibly in ink. (Don't redo correspondence to correct an error that does not change intent.)


What three captions for an official memorandum are typed in all caps, two line spaces apart, beginning four lines below the date or 14 lines from the top of the page?

MEMORANDUM FOR, FROM, and SUBJECT. (If you use computer-generated letterhead without the DoD Seal or plain bond paper, begin 11 line spaces from the top.)


The FROM caption on an official memorandum should contain the full mailing address of the function origination the correspondence. T/F



In an official memorandum, type the text flush with the left margin, beginning two lines spaces below the SUBJECT caption. Should you number and letter each paragraph?



Type the signature element of an official memorandum at least three spaces to the right of page center, five lines below the last line of text. What should the signature element include?

On the first line, the name in UPPERCASE, including grade and service; on the second line, the duty title; and on the third line, the name of the office or organization level (if not announced in the heading).


Where should you type "Attachments" on an official memorandum?

Flush with the left margin, 10 lines below the last line of text or three lines below the signature element. (If there are two or more, number them in the order referenced in the memorandum.)


in an official memorandum, what should you cite in the description of each attachment?

The office of origin, type of communication, date and number of copies (in parentheses) if more than one.


You are writing to an individual on a private matter to convey condolences. What writing format should you use?

The personal letter. (Use the format when a personal touch, warmth or sincerity is essential.)


How long should a personal letter be?

Preferably no longer than one page.


Which writing format includes salutation and complimentary close elements?

The personal letter.


The ________ is an informal document with a set format that notes certain actions or records information referring to a certain piece of correspondence.

Memorandum for record.


What two Memorandum for record methods are used most often?

The separate-page MFR and the explanatory MFR.


You are recording information from a telephone call. What writing format would you use?

A separate-page Memorandum for record


What information does a separate-page Memorandum for record record?

Information usually passed on to coworkers verbally that should, in this instance, be recorded in writing and filed. (It's an in-house document.)


What line can be added to a separate-page Memorandum for Record (MR) to specifically target the addressee?

A "MEMO FOR" or "TO:" line.


Should a separate-page Memorandum for Record (MR) use official letterhead?

No, type or write on a sheet of paper.


Use ____ -inch margins all around in a separate-page Memorandum for Record (MR).

1-inch margins.


Number paragraphs if there are more than one in a separate-page Memorandum for Record (MR). Is a full signature block required?

No, but is should be signed.


The ____ Memorandum for Record (MR) is usually on the file copy of most correspondence.

Explanatory MR.


By reading a(n) ____ Memorandum for Record (MR) and the basic correspondence, the reader should understand enough to act without additional information.

Explanatory MR.


What information should an explanatory Memorandum for Record (MR) include?

A quick synopsis of the purpose of the correspondence, who got involved and additional information not included in the basic correspondence.


If the basic correspondence really does say it all, an explanatory Memorandum for Record (MR) may not be required. However, what may some organizations still require for the file copy?

That you write "MR: Self-explanatory" on the file copy.


How should you handle an explanatory Memorandum for Record (MR) if there is not enough space on the correspondence?

Type "MR ATTACHED" or "MR ON REVERSE" and put the MR on a separate sheet or on the back of the record copy if it can be read clearly.


You do not need to number multiple paragraphs in an explanatory Memorandum for Record (MR). (T/F)

False. (Number if there is more than one paragraph.)


Describe how to sign an explanatory Memorandum for Record (MR) when there is ample space.

Merely sign you last name after the last word.

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