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Why must military members with responsibilities for family members have a family care plan?

To ensure care for family members during deployment and TDY, as at all other times. (members are also encouraged to have a will.)


What can happen if a military member fails to produce a family care plan within 60 days of the discussion with the commander, supervisor or commander's designated representative?

Disciplinary action and/or administrative separation.


Single member parents with custody of children and military couples with dependents must have a family care plan. Who else must have one?

Members who are solely responsible for the care of a spouse, elderly family member or other adult dependent family members with disabilities.


Are family care plans required for family members with limited English or the inability to drive or gain access to basic-life sustaining facilities?



How soon must members notify their commander when their family circumstances or persona status changes, making it necessary to develop a family care plan?

As soon as possible, but within 30 days.


Family care plan provisions are only required for long-term absences (such as operational deployments). (T/F)

False. (Provisions are also required for short-term absences such as TDY for schooling or training.)


With regards to family care plans, what signed statement is required from the designated caregiver and the member?

A statement that the caregiver has been thoroughly briefed on the financial arrangements, logistical arrangements, military facilities, services, benefits and entitlements of the family members, and any additional items required to fit individuals situations.


Commanders or first sergeants counsel all Airmen with family members on AFI 36-2908, Family Care Plan, during inprocessing at their new duty station, where they stress the importance of completing AF IMT 357, ____.

AF IMT 357, Family Care Certification. (Commanders or first sergeants may not delegate this counseling requirement unless members are geographically separated from the commander's location.)


At least annually, commanders or first sergeants are required to individually brief all military members who require an AF IMT 357 about their family care responsibilities. What does this process involve?

The commander or first sergeant signs the AF IMT 357 each time the plan is reviewed and certified and determines the workability of the family care plan. The member signs and dates the form to document the briefing was completed.


What remedial action will be taken if members fail to make adequate and acceptable care arrangements?

Disciplinary or other actions will be taken against them.

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