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Why was the CCAF activated?

To gain academic recognition for technical truing conducted by Air Force schools.


In what year was the CCAF activated?



Enlisted members combine Air Force ____ training with general education course work from civilian accredited colleges to earn Associates of Applied Science (AAS) degrees.



The CCAF is the largest community college in the world. WHere is its administrative center located?

Maxwell-Gunter AFB, AL. (IT is the only DoD community college exclusively for enlisted personnel.)


Airmen may select any CCAF degree program. (T/F)

False. (Individuals may only participate in degree programs designed for their Air Force occupation.)


Name the five general areas of study offered by CCAF.

1) Logistics and Resources; 2) Public and Support Services; 3) Allied Health; 4) Electronics and Telecommunications; and 5) Aircraft and Missile Maintenance.


When are enlisted personnel automatically registered into a CCAF program degree?

During BMT.


Each CCAF degree program consists of ____ semester hours.

64 semester hours.


What are the requirements for receiving a CCAF degree?

1) 64 semester hours; 2) a 5-level at the time of program completion; and 3) a minimum of 16 semester hours of CCAF residency.


How many semester hours of general education requirements (Oral Communication, Written Communication, Math, Social Science and Humanities) are required for a CCAF degree?

15 semester hours (three in each of the five subjects.)


In addition to general education requirements, name the four subject areas and semester hours needed to complete a CCAF degree.

1) Physical educate -four hours; 2) Technical Education - 24 hours; 3) Leadership, Management, and Military Studies (LMMS) - six hours; and 4) Program Electives - 15 hours.


Blending Air Force technical training and educate with industry based skill sets and professional ____ processes results in a more diverse, qualified workforce.



Although credentialing is a critical element of enlisted profession development, it has little effect upon transition to civilian life. (T/F)

False. (Individuals will possess highly valued skills in demand outside the Air Force.)


CCAF researches and awards technical credits for degree-equivelant governmental and/or professional ____, licensers and registries.



Students may earn CCAF collegiate credit for certain national professional credentials that are CCAF-approved to satisfy what applicable requirements?

Technical education and program elective requirements.


CCAF nationally recognizes credentialing programs help enlisted personnel broaden their professional development. How do there programs directly support CCAFs mission?

Credentialing enhances combat readiness, contributes to recruiting and retention, and supports career transitions.


The Air Force Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) Certification Program is for aircraft maintenance technicians in specific occupational specialties. How does this program benefit the Air Force?

By bridging the gap between Air Force education, training and experience and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) eligibility requirements, this program broadens the skill sets and professional development of Air Force technicians.


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and ____ agreed to allow military appointees to administer all FAA certification knowledge tests to eligible military personnel.

Joint Service Aviation Maintenance Technician Certification Council (JSAMTCC).


Who is eligible to take FAA certification knowledge tests free of charge?

1) Active duty, guard and reserve component personnel of the US Armed Forces; 2) US military retirees; 3) US military deponents; 4) DoD civilians; and 5) Department of Homeland Security (DHS) civilians.


Who is the CCAF program Instructional Systems Development (ISD) Certification Program designed for?

CCAF-assigned curriculum developers, writers and managers. (It validates the Education and Training (E&T) required to develop and manage CCAF collegiate courses and the practical experience gained in planning, developing, implementing and managing instructional systems.)


Why must qualified instructors of collegiate-level credit-awarding courses in CCAF-affiliated schools complete the CCAF Instructor Certification (CIC) Program?

It validates extensive faculty development training, education, qualifications and practical teaching experience required to teach a CCAF course.


Who is eligible for the CCAF Instructor Certification (CIC) Program?

Qualified officer, enlisted, civilian and other service instructors.


The ____ is offered by the CCAF to qualified NCOs, validating their advanced education and experience in leadership and management, as well as professional accomplishments.

The Professional Manager Certification (PMC) Program.


The Professional Manager Certification (PMC) Program provides a structured professional development track that supplements EPME and the Career Field Education and Training Plan (CFETP). (T/F)



____ is designed to increase awareness of national professional credentialing and CCAF education opportunities for all Air Force occupational specialties.

CCAF Credentialing and Education Research Tool (CERT)


What kind of information does CCAF Credentialing and Education Research Tool (CERT) provide?

Information of 1) specific occupational specialties; 2) civilian occupational equivalencies; 3) CCAF degree programs; 4) AFSC-related national professional credentials; 5) credentialing agencies; and 6) professional organizations.


The CCAF is a charter member of the Joint Service Aviation Maintenance Technician Certification Council (JSAMTCC) and co-chairs the council. Who is also a co-chair?

Aircraft Maintenance Air Force Career Field Managers (AF/A4LF).


The DoD and US Coast Guard chartered the Joint Service Aviation Maintenance Technician Certification Council (JSAMTCC) to ____ the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certification authorization process for military personnel.



The Joint Service Aviation Maintenance Technician Certification Council (JSAMTCC) serves as a functional advisory body to each respective US military service's aviation maintenance division and Headquarters, Federal Aviation Administration (HQ FAA). What else does it do?

It represents military interest in future FAA decisions or policy changes affecting the Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certification process, and promotes certification opportunities offered other nationally-recognized credentialing agencies related to military aviation maintenance occupational specialties.


One of the responsibilities of the Joint Service Aviation Maintenance Technician Certification Council (JSAMTCC) is to ensure the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) continued recognition of formal military aviation maintenance technical training and practical experience. What are the other six?

1) Review aircraft maintenance technicians' training experience from an FAA certification prospective; 2) serve as focal point for FAA Airframe and Powerplant (A&P) certificate authorization for military members; 3) maintains DoD and US Coast Guard continuity and relationships with HQ FAA; 4) provide direction and resources necessary to ensure technicians meet FAA eligibility requirements; 5) develop, maintain and publish a policies and procedures manual to maintain continuity; and 6) promote, develop and administer other certification programs deemed of value.


What Air Force website provides students with a one-stop-shop for all higher education needs?

The Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC).


What specific services are available on the Air Force Virtual Education Center (AFVEC) website?

1) CCAF transcript requests; 2) CCAF degree program requests; 3) access to the Civilian Course Conversion table; 4) personal educate records, including courses taken , tuition caps and degree plans; and 5) online applications for military tuition assistance.

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