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If a Task Force is assigned to rescue a lost Firefighter the following procedures are recommended:

Set up ___ member rescue teams with a minimum of ___ teams

•3 member teams

•2 teams minimum (Primary Team #1 and a Back Up Team #2).


When assigned to rescue a lost Firefighter Each team leader shall monitor the ____ channel



When using the 1 inch hose line during search and rescue of a firefighter, instruct the Engineer to pump ___ to ___ p.s.i.

200 to 250 psi


S&R with 1 inch hose line:

One hundred fifty feet of one-inch line, with 200 p.s.i. engine pressure and the spray tip removed from a 5/8 inch shut off butt will deliver ____ g.p.m.



S&R with a 1 inch hose line:

If possible, equip the back up rescue team with 60 minute air bottles. Additionally, all rescuers shall have what piece of equipment with them during the S&R?

Drop bag


S&R with 1 inch hose line:

The Rescue Group Leader shall be positioned where during S&R of a firefighter?

Near the doorway where rescue teams will be entering


S&R with 1 inch hose line:

If the one-inch hose line becomes too difficult to advance, who should be assigned to follow up on the one-inch line to a location where they can assist in its advancement?

•Rescue Team #2

It is important that Team #2 does not move all the way to Team #1’s location.


S&R with 1 inch hose line:

After entry by Rescue Team #1, consideration should be given to having Rescue Team #2 enter with a _____ to illuminate the area and assist with egress.

Light cord

Additionally, any other available Firefighters should be assigned the task of setting up a quartz light to illuminate the building entrance


S&R with 1 inch line:

After a downed firefighter is found and being removed from the building, what should be done with the one-inch line?

Left in place


S&R with 1 inch hose line:

While removing a downed firefighter, the rescue team should be led out by who following the one-inch hose line? The other two members should pull the victim by his SCBA straps, using his bottle as a skid.

The Team Leader


S&R with 1" hose line:

What are the advantages to using a one-inch hand line for a search and rescue (of a downed FF) operation?

-Not normally used for structure firefighting.
-Easily distinguishable in the dark.
-A lost member coming upon an inch line in a major structure fire would know a rescue operation is in progress.
-Easy to advance.
-Will provide some protection under fire conditions
-Opening and closing the nozzle rapidly could be used as a signaling device at the entrance to the building.
-Provides a means to determine how far into the building the rescue team has advanced, by counting the couplings going in.


S&R with 1" hose line:

When a downed member is located what shall be done with the PAL/PASS device?

Turned off and reset to automatic mode.

This is necessary to eliminate the extreme noise factor, facilitating
required radio communications and to insure that another PAL device is not sounding in the area.

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