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Lecture 1 - Limb development
What embryonic tissues give rise ...,
What gene is responsible for the ...,
What direction do things develop
82  cards
Lecture 28 - Temporal fossae
What does slicing involve,
What does does grinding involve,
What bony structures make up the tmj
68  cards
Lecture 29 - Nasal Cavity
What foramen are present in the p...,
What does cn i enter the nasal ca...,
What nerve artery is involved in ...
47  cards
Lecture 30 - Nasal Cavity II
What are the three paranasal sinuses,
What are paranasal sinuses,
What is the fake sinus in some an...
44  cards
Lecture 31 - Pharynx and Larynx
What are the larynx and bronchial...,
What part of the larynx articulat...,
What are the three functions of t...
81  cards
Lecture 32 - Oral Cavity
What makes up the oral cavity proper,
What makes up the vestibule in th...,
What are the three layers of the ...
66  cards
Lecture 33 - Mammalian teeth
What does a higher metabolic rate...,
What are the advantages of endoth...,
What is thecodonty
81  cards
Lecture 34 - Ears
What are the three parts of the ear,
What are the functions of the ear,
What is the inner ear within
84  cards
Lecture 35 - Vestibular system
What is the task of the auditory ...,
What are the tasks of the vestibu...,
What are three sections of the me...
39  cards
Lecture 36 - Chemical senses
Where is the olfactory mucosa,
What two things does flavor perce...,
What is within the olfactory mucosa
66  cards
Lecture 38 - Pharyngeal arches
What do the epiblast cells become...,
What are the two fates of the epi...,
What do epiblasts become when the...
57  cards
Lecture 37 - Avian anatomy
What is the composition of avian ...,
How many avian zoonotic disease h...,
What is different about the verte...
50  cards
Lecture 2/3 - Bone and Cartilage
What is the characteristic of the...,
What is the composition of ecm in...,
Why is the ecm of cartilage firm
117  cards
Lecture 4 - Pectoral girdle
What part of the skeleton make up...,
What part of the skeleton makes u...,
What part of the skeleton makes u...
56  cards
Lecture 4 - Muscles
What is the origin of the omotran...,
What is the insertion of the omot...,
What is the nerve of the omotrans...
46  cards
Lecture 5 - Brachium and elbow
What joints make up the elbow joint,
What bones make up the brachium,
What are the main joints in the b...
61  cards
Lecture 5 - Muscles
What is the origin of supraspinatus,
What is the insertion of supraspi...,
What is the nerve of supraspinatus
53  cards
Lecture 6 - Antebrachium and carpus
What basc joints are in the anteb...,
What are the major bones in the a...,
What are the compartments in the ...
61  cards
Lecture 6 - Muscles
What is the origin of the brachio...,
What is the insertion of the brac...,
What is the nerve of the brachior...
52  cards
Lecture 7- Metacarpus, phalanges and joints
What goes through the axial foram...,
What articulates with the tubercl...,
What is a sign of uneven horn gro...
68  cards
Lecture 8 - forepaw
What are the three foot pads,
What main ligaments is the carpal...,
What do the short ligaments of th...
28  cards
Lecture 9 - Integument part I
What is considered a part of the ...,
What are considered appendages of...,
What is special about the integum...
77  cards
Lecture 10 - Integument part II
What is dermis,
What lays inbetween the s basale ...,
What is the function of the dermis
53  cards
Lecture 11 - Hoof
What are perissodactlys,
What are artiodactlys,
What animal is an odd toed
52  cards
Lecture 12 - Coxofemoral joint
What is the cingulum,
What is the parts of the os coxae,
What is the stylopodium
47  cards
Lecture 12 - Muscles
What is the origin of tensor fasc...,
What is the insertion of tensor f...,
What is the nerve of tensor fasci...
60  cards
Lecture 13 - Thigh and stifle
What are the gluteal muscles,
What is the main function of the ...,
What nerve s innervate the glutea...
55  cards
Lecture 13 - Muscles
What are the four muscles of the ...,
What is the origin of rectus femoris,
What is the origin of vastus muscles
15  cards
Lecture 14 - Leg and tarsus
What are the bones of the leg,
What are the bones of the hock,
What are the muscles of the pes
80  cards
Lecture 14 - Muscles
What is the origin of tibialis cr...,
What is the insertion of tibialis...,
What is the nerve of tibialis cra...
44  cards
Lecture 15 - Locomotion
What are three environmental medias,
What does the high density of wat...,
What is the biggest challenge of ...
57  cards
Lecture 16 - Disorder of gait
What are the types of contractions,
What is tonic contraction,
What is phasic contraction
68  cards
Lecture 17 - The Neck I
Where is the thoracic inlet,
What is the primary function of t...,
What does the vertebral column ar...
53  cards
Lecture 18 - The Neck II
What is the primary blood supply ...,
Where does the supplemental suppl...,
What is the artery of common orig...
65  cards
Lecture 19 - Nervous system of the head
What type of brain head does a ch...,
What type of brain head does a pr...,
What type of respiratory system d...
55  cards
Lecture 20 - External anatomy of the Brain
What do mammalian brains have mor...,
What are convolutions related to,
What do the convolutions do
60  cards
Lecture 21 - Skull and Cranial Nerves I
What is the neurocranium,
What is the function of the neuro...,
What is the facial skeleton called
46  cards
Lecture 22 - Skull and Cranial Nerves II
What is cn i,
What information does cn i carry,
What are the three parts of the o...
41  cards
Lecture 23 - Face and Parotid Region
What do the parotid glands lay ca...,
What are the parotid glands assoc...,
What part of the vertebrae does t...
60  cards
Lecture 24 - Orbit I
What is the ligament that forms t...,
What are the four regions of the ...,
What are the components of the orbit
49  cards
Lecture 25 - Orbit II
What cranial nerves are in the orbit,
What is cn ii,
What is cn iii
40  cards
Lecture 26 - Cranial nerve nuclei
What are the four major component...,
What cn nuclei are in the midbrain,
What cn nuclei are in the pons
40  cards
Lecture 27 - Neuroanatomy of Visual Pathway
What is the pathway of light,
What is light captured by in the eye,
What are the names of the photore...
34  cards
LEC 17: GI tract motility
How do horses carry out food preh...,
How do cattle carry out food preh...,
How do carnivores carry out food ...
75  cards

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