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Ischemic Heart Disease I
What are the untreatable risk fac...,
What is the estimated lifetime ri...,
Diabetes and insulin resistance a...
60  cards
Ischemic Heart Disease II
Resting ecg findings for cad,
Dx 1 st segment changes usu depre...,
Exercise ecg stress test findings...
14  cards
Endothelium, Plaque Rupture and Vascular Injury
What does pad stand for,
What are the characteristics of a...,
What do foam cells secrete and wh...
44  cards
Acute Coronary Syndrome
What is the persistence of ctni,
What is the persistence of myoglobin,
What is the persistence of ctnt
30  cards
Intro to Psychiatry in CVPR
What are the 5 framework principl...,
The burden of chronic physical il...,
_____ is the 4th leading cause of...
20  cards
Tools of the Trade
What does reversible perfusion imply,
What does fixed perfusion imply,
What are micro bubbles used for
9  cards
Laboratory Findings for Heart Disease Detection & Management
Where is a type natriuretic pepti...,
Where is b type natriuretic pepti...,
Where is c type natriuretic pepti...
9  cards
Pathology of Ischemic CV Disease
What are the 3 parts of virchow s...,
In what layer of the bv does an a...,
What are the complications of an ...
22  cards
Vasodilators in Angina
Hr and contractility are decrease...,
Flow to ischemic subendocardial t...,
Coronary blood flow is increased ...
29  cards
Primary Prevention of Cardiovascular Disease
Which of the following changes in...,
What is the leading cause of hf s...,
Raising hdl with drugs reduces ____
4  cards
Atherosclerosis, HDL and LDL
How does the ldl get modified,
Name 4 pro inflammatory cytokines,
Foam cells and t lymphocytes with...
15  cards
Inflammation and Atherogenesis
Dendritic cell antigen presentati...,
_____ with subsequent t cell acti...,
Dendritic cell antigen presentati...
15  cards
Peripheral Vascular Disease
70 of aaa patients are ______ the...,
What is the greatest risk factor ...,
What are the 4 major risk factors...
47  cards
Cardiovascular Disease and Depression
_____ increases the risk of coron...,
Depression increases the risk of ...,
What physiologic derangements are...
7  cards
Secondary Prevention of Heart Disease
Beta blockers reduce ____ x6
1  cards
Cardiac Embryonic-Fetal Circulation
What does the 1st aortic arch become,
When do the tubes fuse together why,
When do the great arteries develop
67  cards
Congenital Heart Disease I
What are prostaglandins a product of,
What could happen if a large pda ...,
How does the ductus arteriosus close
30  cards
Congenital Heart Disease II
When do symptoms of asd usually p...,
What are the long term risks of u...,
____ is the most common cyanotic ...
125  cards
Depression & Grief
When feelings of sadness or depre...,
What is the mnemonic to remember ...,
What does sig e caps stand for
5  cards
CV cases Step 1 QandA
A physician decides to place a pa...,
A 28 year old african american ma...,
A 50 year old man with diabetes r...
18  cards
Phys exam skills: Murmurs
1 slow rise of the carotid pulse ...,
1 absence of murmur radiation to ...,
Heart murmurs are produced when _...
20  cards
Antithrombotic Agents
Venous thrombi are composed mainl...,
______ are composed mainly of fib...,
Arterial thrombi are composed mai...
38  cards
Antiplatelet Agents
How does aspirin work,
What drug inhibits cox 1 synthesi...,
How do clopidogrel plavix prasugr...
8  cards
Thrombolytic (Fibrinolytic) Agents
The central process of _____ is t...,
The central process of fibrinolys...,
All fibrinolytic drugs produce ra...
10  cards
First Aid CV
The sa and av nodes are usu suppl...,
An infarct at the ____ or ____ co...,
An infarct at the sa or av node c...
6  cards
Pathoma- Amyloid
What do thyroid tumor cells in an...,
This is systemic deposition of al...,
What is amylin
74  cards
Dr. French's Review Sesh
How is lmwh monitored,
The fibrinolytic drugs end in _____,
How does heparin work
25  cards
Pathoma: CHD
Infantile coarctations are associ...,
Ostium primum a type of asd is as...,
What is a known cause of pda
18  cards
Pathoma- Dissection and Aneurism
What is pericardial tamponade,
How does a aaa present,
Where do aortic dissections usual...
16  cards

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