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dna and biochemistry quiz 1
What does dna stand for,
What is the dna,
What is the central dogma of biology
46  cards
Hw much of your dna holds instruc...,
Part of dna with instruction for ...,
Ow many genes in the body
57  cards
test 1 genetic disease
Genes for specific proteins found,
Each person should have how many ...,
What is autosomal dominant
235  cards
Maple syrup urine disease is a,
Msud categorized as,
Two parts of metabolism
82  cards
huntingtons disease
Gene at play in huntington disease,
The htt gene generally has many,
In cag repeats
272  cards
albinism an angelman quiz
Angelman syndrome defined by,
What jerky movements in angelman ...,
How many ppl are affected by ange...
67  cards
oncogenes and oncoproteins quiz
What are the six hallmarks,
To be cancerous must undergo,
The genetic changes that cause ca...
71  cards
tumor suppressors
Unlike oncogenes tumor suppressors,
The tumor suppressor genes and th...,
Tumor suppressor genes
218  cards
chemo quiz 1
Chemotherapy drugs exhibit,
What is systemic toxicity
100  cards
shock quiz
If not treated shock always leads to,
Associated words shock
67  cards
shock 2
Shocks of the airway,
Inhalation begins,
After air being inhaled in the nose
123  cards
shock test!!!
The 3 other types of shock,
In the simplified view of the car...,
Function of the heart
253  cards
immune system test
2 parts of immune response,
The innate immune system is,
Part 1 of innate immune system
223  cards
naming and classifying bacteria quiz
What are infectious diseases caus...,
Most bacteria is not is not dange...,
Clinically significant
83  cards
virulence factors and infection quiz
Obligatory steps for infectious bugs,
Bacterial parts that allow obliga...,
Many bacteria enter the body through
91  cards
Staphylococcus genus are,
How long can staphylococcus survi...,
How long can staphylococcus survi...
100  cards
yersinia and strep
Yersinia types,
Bacteria in yersinia genus,
Yersinia bacteria are
438  cards
Escherichia are gram what,
Escherichia shape,
What temp do escherichia like
75  cards
myobacteria quiz NOOO its 2;30 am this is a cry for help
Myocobacterium genus gram,
Myocobacterium shape,
Myocobacterium relationship with ...
85  cards
bacterial stds
What causes chlamydia,
What causes trachoma,
What causes gonorrhea
156  cards
antibiotics quiz
The 3 things that target bacteria,
Disinfectants are typically very
401  cards
All viruses are,
What does it mean to be an obliga...,
A full virus unit
79  cards
.....the flu ..........
Influenza and ebola are caused by,
What type of rna causes influenze...,
What else are caused by group v v...
81  cards
the last last test ever
Ebola can actually be caused by,
Ebola outbreaks happen frequently
300  cards

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