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Hemodynamics Review - RM
Trace the path of the blood start...,
What percentage of blood remains ...,
Which side of the heart works the...
29  cards
RAAS Medications - RM
What does raas stand for,
When is the raas activated,
Angiotensinogen is a substrate se...
25  cards
Beta Blockers - RM
What receptors do beta blockers a...,
Review alpha 1 receptors cause ar...,
Review an agonist ______ the rece...
26  cards
Calcium Channel Blockers-MJ
What happens in the blood vessels...,
What are the three areas in the h...,
Calcium channels at all three sit...
36  cards
Diuretic Medications-MJ
What is the major mechanism by wh...,
What are the indications for taki...,
What are the 4 types of diuretics
49  cards
Angina - CP
Means squeezing pain,
Angina ______ with age,
Stable angina lasts less than ___...
39  cards
Dyslipdemia Meds: Statins-MJ
What is dyslipidemia,
Is fat dense,
What is the good lipoprotein
33  cards
Dyslipdemia Meds: Others-MJ
What are the 5 other drugs that c...,
Niacin nicotinic acid vit b3 what...,
What are the 4 adverse effects of...
31  cards
Miscellaneous Heart Medications-MJ
Describe the vaughan williams cla...,
Why is the use of antidysrhythmic...,
What is the most common sustained...
40  cards
Management of STEMIs-MJ
How many minutes can a client exp...,
What does myocardial injury trigger,
What is ventricular remodeling
33  cards
Blood Thinners-MJ
How do platelets work,
What dose of aspirin is needed fo...,
What does aspirin prevent
48  cards
Anemia Medications-MJ
What are the three indications th...,
What test determine anemia,
What is the normal hgb for males
49  cards
Test 2 - Overview of Diabetes (Josh)
Sugar goes to the which releases ...,
Most accurate lab value for diabe...,
A rbc lives approximately months
39  cards
Test 2 - Oral Diabetics (Josh)
Oral meds are for which type of d...,
Why should we not call them oral ...,
Mao oral diabetic meds
50  cards
Test 2 - Insulin Administration (Josh)
Are two of the most common medica...,
Who needs insulin,
To test how much insulin a person...
30  cards
Test 2 - Antiulcer Meds (Josh)
Common stomach acid problems,
What causes stomach acid problems,
Does alcohol cause stomach acid p...
42  cards
Test 2 - Laxatives (Josh)
Constipation is determined more b...,
Common causes of constipation,
Which neurological disease can ca...
29  cards
Test 2 - Diarrhea & Vomiting (RM) In progress
What is the most common disorder ...,
What are the 2 major types of gi ...,
What neurotransmitter is released...
20  cards
Test 2 - Insulin (Josh)
Short duration rapid acting insulins,
Which insulin can be administered im,
Can short duration rapid acting i...
33  cards
Test 2 - Diarrhea & Vomiting (Josh)
Which receptors in gi tract regul...,
Acts on cholinergic receptors in ...,
Acts on mu receptors in gi tract to
31  cards
Test 3 - Basic Principles of Antimicrobials (Josh)
Broad spectrum antimicrobial
22  cards
Test 3 - Beta Lactums (Josh)
What are the three classes of bet...,
Bacterial cell walls are unique i...,
How do beta lactums cillin cef ce...
28  cards
Test 3 - Protein Synthesis Inhibitors (Josh)
What do ribosomes do,
What is the moa of protein synthe...,
Which protein synthesis inhibitor...
33  cards
Test 3 - Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole (Josh)
Basic principle of trimethoprim s...,
Blocks the first enzyme needed pr...,
Without bacteria cannot function ...
19  cards
Test 3 - UTIs (Josh)
Is a lower uti that occurs most o...,
Clinical manifestations of acute ...,
30 of women w acute cystisis also...
28  cards
Test 3 - Flouroquinolones (Josh)
Moa fluoroquinolones floxacin,
What enzymes do fluoroquinolones ...,
Common uses for fluoroquinolones
11  cards
Test 3 - Metronidazole & Vancomycin (Josh)
Which bacteria only targets anaer...,
Which drug works like a trojan ho...,
Once its absorbed what does metro...
23  cards
Test 3 - TB Medications (Josh)
Tuberculosis is a specials of whi...,
What is unique about tb,
Tb primarily effects which organ
33  cards
Test 3 - Antifungals (Josh)
S s of amphotericin b infusion re...,
How should amphotericin b be infused,
How can risk for kidney damage be...
23  cards
Test 4 - HSV & Influenza Meds (Josh)
What is an early sign of herpes v...,
Do these medications destroy herp...,
Which type of hsv effects the fac...
27  cards
Test 4 - HIV Medications (Josh)
Hiv causes a weakened immune syst...,
Hiv causes a weakened immune syst...,
True or false hiv puts patients a...
40  cards
Test 4 - Bladder Medications (Josh)
Which receptors in the bladder co...,
How doe these drugs work,
Overactive bladder affects of ame...
13  cards
Test 4 - Contraceptives (Josh)
Which two hormones are released t...,
Trick the hypothalamus so that fs...,
Blocking fsh lh does what
24  cards
Test 4 - ED & BPH Medications (Josh)
What causes an erection,
Moa pde 5 inhibitors,
What other indications are pde 5 ...
25  cards
Test 4 - Rheumatoid Arthritis Meds (Josh)
Rheumatoid arthritis is an disease,
Pathophysiology of ra,
The hands of ra clients will have...
24  cards
Test 4 - Gout Medications (Josh)
Pathophysiology of gout,
If gout happens 2 3 year use if g...,
Is the cornerstone of gout treatment
14  cards
Test 4 - Osteoporosis Medications (Josh)
Bisphosponates end in what,
When taking po bisphosphantes wha...,
Why does client need to keep stan...
15  cards

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