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The pneumatic system is monitored and controlled by?

2 Bleed Monitoring Computers (BMC)


If one BMC fails, can the other take over?

Yes, they are interconnected. If BMC 1 fails:
- APU and ENG 1 leak detection are not monitored
- ECAM APU BLEED LEAK warning is lost


On the ECAM Bleed page, how do you tell if GND HP air supply is connected?

The GND unit temperature and pressure are indicated on the ECAM BLEED page at #1 bleed display


The PACK FLOW selector has LO, NORM, and HI positions (A319/320). What does this allow us to do?

Select pack flow rates representing LO 80%, NORM 100%, and HIGH 120% of NORM according to number of pax and ambient conditions.


When would you select LO or HI on the PACK FLOW selector?

LO if the number of pax is below 115, HI for abnormally hot and humid conditions


What flow rate is automatically selected when APU bleed air is in use or during single pack operation?

• HI (A319/320)
• NORM (A321)


If the engine bleed air in-flight is too low what will occur?

Engine speed is automatically increased to provide adequate bleed air pressure


What would cause an amber PACK FAULT light to illuminate (PCS)?

• Pack outlet overheat
• Compressor outlet overheat
• Switch position disagreement with pack flow control valve


What does the amber FAULT light in the APU BLEED pb indicate?

Bleed leak (APU bleed valve closes)


What causes the amber FAULT light on the ENG BLEED pb (ASOLO)?

• APU bleed valve open and engine bleed valve not closed
• Engine Start with bleed valve not closed
• Overpressure downstream of the bleed valve
• Leak (low pressure)
• Overheat


What are the two functions of the engine bleed valves?

• Pressure regulation
• Shut off valves


What is the RAM AIR pb used for?

• Smoke removal in cabin
• Ventilation of cabin with a dual pack failure


At what cabin differential pressure does the RAM AIR valve open if selected on?

1 PSI ΔP or less


What logic controls the X-Bleed valve when the X-BLEED switch is in AUTO?

• When APU bleed valve is OPEN, the X-Bleed valve is open
• When APU bleed valve is CLOSED, the X-Bleed valve is closed
• X-Bleed also CLOSES for wing, pylon, or APU duct leak (except during engine start)


What causes the Pack Flow Control valve to automatically close?

• Upstream pressure below minimum
• Compressor outlet overheat
• Engine start sequence (ENG MODE SEL in IGN/START)
• Engine FIRE pb on the related side pressed & released
• DITCH pb is selected


What does the amber HOT AIR FAULT light indicate?

Duct overheat. The Hot Air and Trim Air valves close automatically


What is the function of the HOT AIR pb?

Controls the hot air pressure regulating valves which controls the flow of hot air to the trim air valves. This hot
air is mixed with the pack-conditioned air for zone temperature control


How many Air Conditioning System Controllers are there?

2 (2 lanes each)


Describe how the air conditioning system controls the temperature in each zone?

• Pack output temperature regulation is determined by the zone requiring the coldest air
• Hot air is added to the individual zones by the trim air valves to maintain the desired zone temperatures


If the one lane in an Air Conditioning System Controller fails how is that Pack affected?

No effect, as the second lane provides full controller and air conditioning functionality


If both lanes in the Air Conditioning System Controller fail, what occurs?

The related pack is lost, and the hot air pressure regulating valve and associated trim air valves close


If an air cycle machine (ACM) fails, what occurs?

The affected pack will operate as a heat exchanger


What effect will the engine start sequence have on the pack flow control valves?

The pack flow control valve will close automatically


What causes the pack flow control valve to close?

• Upstream pressure below minimum
• Compressor outlet overheat
• During engine start
• FIRE pb on that side pressed
• DITCHING pb pressed


After engine start with the APU BLEED pb ON, what source is supplying bleed air to the packs?

APU Bleed


When does the Lav/Galley Extract Fan operate?

Continuously when electrical power is available


If the Lav/Galley Extract Fan fails, what occurs?

Cabin temperature defaults to a set value