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What does the DITCHING pb do?

Closes all valves below the water line


Which valves will a close signal be sent to (CARPO)?

• Cargo isolation valves
• Avionics Inlet and Extract valves
• Ram air inlet
• Pack Flow Control valves
• Outflow valve (only if in AUTO mode)


Will the DITCHING pb always close the outflow valve?

Not if the outflow valve is under manual control (MODE SEL pb MAN)


Can the pilot control the outflow valve?

Yes, select MAN on the MODE SEL and use the MAN V/S CTL switch


Approximately what rate of cabin change does 1 click of the MAN V/S CTL switch produce?

50 FPM


How many controllers are in the pressurization system?

2, only one is used at a time and they swap roles after each landing


How do you manually switch controllers?

Switch MODE SEL to MAN for 10 seconds, then back to AUTO


What does an amber FAULT light in the MODE SEL pb indicate?

Both automatic pressure controllers are faulty.


The LDG ELEV selector in the AUTO position does what?

The pressurization system uses the FMGS data to construct an optimized pressurization schedule


Where does the pressurization system obtain the landing elevation from?

FMGC database


When out of the AUTO position, what is different?

The pressurization system uses the manually selected landing elevation


What two circumstances would require manually selecting a LDG ELEV?

• Destination not in FMGC data base
• Dual FMGC failure


What is the maximum cabin rate of descent with the pressurization in AUTO?

750 FPM


What protects the airframe from excessive positive and negative cabin differential pressure?

2 pressure relief valves


How many outflow valve motors are installed?

3 – one for each automatic controller and one for manual control