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How do you call a mechanic?

Press and hold the MECH button. It illuminates a blue light on the EXT PWR PANEL and sounds an external horn


How do you call the forward flight attendant?

• Press the FWD button
• Red light appears on the fwd area Call Panel
• CAPT CALL appears on the FWD F/A indication panel
• A green light illuminates
• A low level chime sounds through the fwd cabin loudspeaker


What happens when you press the EMER pb?

• Pink light flashes at all area Call Panels
• EMERGENCY CALL appears on all attendant indication panels
• High-low chime (repeated 3 times) sounds throughout the cabin loudspeakers


What happens when the F/A’s initiate an emergency call?

• The white EMER ON light and amber CALL lights flash
• The amber ATT lights flash on the ACP’s
• 3 long buzzers sound in the cockpit
• System resets when the attendant hangs up the relevant systems


How do you command an emergency evacuation?

Make a PA and then press the COMMAND EVAC pb