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How many fire extinguishers are provided for the cargo compartments?

1 bottle, which can be discharged to either compartment


What are the indications when you test the CARGO SMOKE (2,2,2,2,2)?

• 2 amber DISCH lights illuminate
• 2 red SMOKE lights illuminate
• 2 MASTER WARNING lights with CRC
• 2 CARGO SMOKE messages on the ECAM (one fwd, one aft)
• Test runs TWICE to check both SDCU channels


What does the red SMOKE light in the FWD or AFT pb indicate?

• Both channels detect smoke, or
• One channel faulty and the other detects smoke


How many smoke detectors are there?

A319/320 – 2 fwd, 4 aft


With a CARGO SMOKE warning what happens to the Isolation Valve and Extract Fan?

• Isolation Valve closes
• Extract Fan stops