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What computers feed data to the six display units?

3 Display Management Computers (DMC)


What does each of the DMC’s normally supply?

• DMC 1 – Captain PFD, ND, upper ECAM DU
• DMC 2 – F/O PFD, ND, lower ECAM DU
• DMC 3 – Backup


How can you tell if a DMC has failed?

An INVALID DATA message will be displayed in the respective EFIS/ECAM display units


What happens when the upper ECAM display fails?

The E/WD automatically replaces the SD on the lower ECAM display


If both the E/WD and SD display units fail, how can you display E/WD information?

Select the ECAM/ND switch to CAPT or F/O to transfer the SD to either ND