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Is there any landing configuration when speed brake extension is inhibited?

A319/320 – Flaps FULL


When do the Ground Spoilers automatically extend?

• Partial – When reverse thrust is selected on at least one engine with the other at idle and one main landing gear
strut is compressed
• Full – At touchdown of both main gear, or in case of RTO with airspeed above 72 knots, when BOTH thrust levers at IDLE (if ground spoilers armed) or when reverse thrust is selected on at least one engine with the other thrust lever at IDLE (if the ground spoilers are not armed)


At touchdown with reverse selected and only one landing gear is compressed, will the ground spoilers

Partially – Full extension is limited until both main gear are compressed


When will the ground spoilers automatically retract?

• Thrust levers at idle and speed brake lever is down
• When at least one thrust lever is advanced above IDLE


When is speedbrake extension inhibited?

• SEC 1 and 3 have failed
• L or R elevator has failed
• AOA protection is active
• Flaps in configuration FULL (A319/320)
• Thrust levers above the MCT position
• Alpha Floor is active


In flight, what happens if a spoiler fault is detected or electrical power is lost?

The spoiler automatically retracts