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What are the primary differences between a manual and a normal automatic start?

• The FADEC provides full monitoring during a manual start and will provide appropriate ECAM cautions and
procedures to follow in the event of a start fault
• Automatic start interruption and auto-crank are not available


With the ENG MODE selector in IGN/START what occurs when you press the ENG MAN START pb?

• The start valve opens
• Both pack flow control valves close


Will the start valve then automatically close?

Yes, at N2> 43%.


When would you use a manual start?

• After a failed auto start (stall, EGT over limit, no N1 rotation, hung start)
• A mature engine
• Hot/high conditions
• Low starting air pressure
• Tail wind


When is EGT protection available?

During a normal automatic start on the ground


Is EGT protection available during Takeoff or Go Around?