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What are the powers of the Supreme Court

Judicial review preside over impeachment trials of the president hear cases on appeal from state courts decide cases driving from original jurisdiction


What is horse race

He tells us who is ahead in the polls at any given time


What is a working definition of government

Those institutions that create public policy


What government does through politics results in

Public policy


Introduction to the constitution included:

The establishment of a more perfect union
The establishment of justice
The insurance of domestic tranquility
The promotion of general where welfare
The security of individual liberty


What are factors that come into play in the eventual success or failure of a candidate

How do voters perceive the candidates position on issues, the way people feel about the party, the comfort level of the voter in relation to the candidate and the party, as well as the influence the media have on the election


once the constitution was ratified, which two parties evolved and what did they support

1. The Federalist Party, headed by Alexander Hamilton and made up of the countries upper-class, supporting a strong national government which appealed to business interests such as menu factoring in trade. It believed in loose construction or a liberal interpretation of the Constitution
2. The Democratic – Republican's led by Thomas Jefferson which was characterized as the party of the common man it believed in a more limited role of the central government and was considered to be the strict constructionist which is characterized by a belief in the conservative interpretation of the Constitution. It consisted of farmers merchants and the middle class of American society


What was the tea party

The modern-day tea party consists of its founders, Republicans who served in the House of Representatives and a grassroots movement of people who believed in less government lower taxes and lower government spending and has one of their battle cries taking the government back


What is a linkage institution and examples

The means by which individuals can express preferences regarding the development of public policy and example are political parties special interest groups in the media


What is considered the fourth branch of the government

Development and growth of bureaucracies because it has independent regulatory power and is connected directly and indirectly to the federal government itself


What kind of government did the framers intend to have



What are the amendments about suffrage

Creating direct election of Senators, voting rights for freed slaves, women, 18-year-olds, elimination of pull taxes, and legislation such as the voting rights bill


What were the two sides on passing legislation that would have passed voter identification laws and limiting early voting opportunities

One side said these measures would prevent voter fraud and the opponents said that these policies are voter oppression


What is gridlock

If there is a Democratic president who is having difficulty achieving legislative agenda because there's a divided Congress and then a Republican Congress


What is Pluralism

It involves different groups all vying for control over the policy agenda. No single group emerges, forcing the groups to compromise. A centrist position is achieved


What is a direct democracy

A form of democracy in which people decide policy initiatives directly


What is representative democracy

Also known as a republic is a system in which we choose representatives to go to the seat of our government and make laws in our behalf


What principle is most fundamental to Democratic theory

Free elections and universal suffrage


Why doesn't the right to property contribute to an enlightened understanding of the electorate

The right to property is guaranteed by the Constitution does not directly contribute to an enlightened understanding


Which group believes that bargaining and compromise our sensual to a democracy



Which theory contends that our society is divided along class lines and that a narrow upper-class strata rules regardless of the formal organization of government



Which principle describes a philosophy of the Federalist party

Federalists believe in a loose construction of the constitution


Name two differences between liberal and conservative's

The first is that liberals do not want to give up on personal freedom in the name of person preserving order. They do not want the government telling them what they can and cannot do while conservatives state that it is the government primary duty to preserve their social order even if certain personal freedoms are sacrificed in the process

The second her friends relates to the bounce between freedom and economic equality. Liberals feel that government has a responsibility to promote economic and social equality among people while conservatives in brace a policy of personal freedom and they want individuals to decide whether not to redistribute his own wealth


What are the major parts of the declaration of independence

Philosophical basis: using locks philosophy the declaration of independence establishes unreliable rights as the cornerstone of natural rights. As a consequence of these rights governments are formed receiving their powers from the consent of the governed

The grievances
Makes the case against Great Britain like taxation without representation unjust trials ordering a British soldiers abolition of colonial colonial assemblies
Statement of separation
The American desire for freedom


What were the compromises reached at the Constitutional convention

Voting, representation, slavery, and trade


What did the New Jersey plan state

Insisted that each state should have equal representation


Was the Virginia plan

Argue that a legislator based on population would be more equitable


Was the Connecticut compromise

Also known as the great compromise, resulted in the formation of bicameral two house Congress one house is represented equally by the states the Senate and the other house is represented by the population in the House of Representatives


What was the 3/5 compromise

Every five slaves would count as three people for representation on tax purposes


What was the last major compromise that dealt with tariffs

They agreed to tax only imports


What powers were given to Congress

The power to tax, regulate interstate and foreign commerce, create a Bible national currency, and the elastic clause which allowed them to make all laws necessary and proper to carry out the stated powers of Congress


John Locke second treaties of civil government advocates what

Natural rights


When the articles of Confederation were adopted the nations major concern was dominated by what

Economic issues


Which of the following documents represents the first adopted Constitution for the United States

Articles of confederation


Which of the following statements in the Federalist papers refers to the most common and durable source a faction

The unequal distribution of property


Madison believe that in order to prevent a Tierney of the majority in the new government should include all of the following

Creating political institutions that could function with consent of the majority
Creating different branches of government with distinctive in separate powers
System of checks and balances
Limiting the ability of electorate to vote directly for government officials except members of the house


Which of the following documents created a compromise that led to the formation of the bicameral legislator

Connecticut compromise


Federalist believe that a nation dominated by factions would lead to

Tyranny of the majority


Define federalism

The delicate relationship between the states and federal government


What are the major factors that created long Jevity of the constitution

Separation of powers of each branch of government checks and balances including a recognition that a simple majority vote may not be enough of a check a built in elastic clause as part of Congress is power reserved powers clause giving state power not delegated to the national government rights guaranteed to citizens precedents and traditions creating an unwritten constitution judicial review growing out of an interpretation of the power of the Supreme Court in amending process which is flexible enough to allow for change even though it involves more than a majority The inherent powers of the president


Name two problems of the Congress

1. The publics view of Congress has continued to deteriorate but when people voted in the 2014 midterm election a majority of people indicated they would have voted for the incumbent.

2. Dealing with the organization of Congress in term limitations with the state and post term limits were unconstitutional


Marbury versus Madison

Established judicial review


How many members of the House of Representatives made up of

For your 35 members based on the census taken every 10 years


Who initiates the process of impeachment

House of representatives


Who tries the president during impeachment



Delegated powers of Congress

Collect taxes pay debts and provide for the common defense and general welfare
Borrow money
Regulate commerce among the states and with in foreign countries
Establish uniform laws dealing with immigration and utilization and bankruptcies
Coin money
Make laws regarding the punishment for counterfeiting
Establish post offices
Make copyright laws
Establish federal courts in addition to the Supreme Court
Define and punish piracy
Declare war
Raise and support army and navy
Reata National Guard


Specific powers given to the president

The power to act as commander-in-chief of the Armed Forces
The ability to obtain information from members of the executive branch
The power to grant pardons
The power to make treaties with the consent of the Senate
The power to appoint ambassadors justices and other officials with the advice and consent of the Senate
How are to signed legislation or veto legislation
Duty to give Congress a state of the union report
Power to call special sessions of the Congress
You hair and power of the president


How to amend the constitution

The most common requires a two thirds vote in both houses of Congress and ratification in three fourths of the state legislators

The second method is when Congress must call for a national constitutional convention after a request is made by two thirds of the state legislators then either three fourths of the state legislators must ratify the amendment or three fourths of ratifying conventions held in the state must approve it


The question of the constitutionality of a term limit for legislators imposed by a state constitution is based on which of the following arguments

The fact that the Constitution sets the qualifications for congressman


Setting up the First National Bank of the United States is considered what kind of power of Congress



Which election is an example of a shift in party realignment

The election of 1980 and they shift of blue color Democrats to Reagan


Vantages of the federal system over a unitary system and confederations

There is a distinctive line drawn between what is in the purview of the central government versus what local governments are concerned with


What happened in 1789 on the federalism timeline

Duel or layer cake federalism


What happened in 1865 of the federalism timeline

Dual sovereignty


What happened in 1932 in the federalism timeline

Marble cake federalism under FDR's new deal


What happened in 1964 under federalism

Creative federalism under Lyndon B. Johnson
Great society


What happened in 1968 in the federalism timeline

New federalism under Nixon
Fiscal federalism
Revenue share
Unfunded mandate


1980 federalism timeline

New federalism under Reagan
Fiscal Federalism


What happened in 1994 of the federalism timeline

Devolution republican revolution the contract with America


2004 federalism timeline

Devolution George W. Bush Social Security reform tax reform


2008 to 2012 federalism timeline

Regulation Brock Obama thanks housing Wall Street


Powers given to the federal government

To declare war coin money immigration to sign treaties to a point ambassadors to interpret laws interstate commerce


Shared powers of state and federal government

To tax to create courts to create laws for the general welfare


Powers reserved to the states

To pass laws health education police marriage garbage voting requirements


Revenue sharing

Gives money directly to the states with no strings attached