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Which agencies have more traditional views

Additional agencies such as department of agriculture commerce and the treasury


What is the whistleblower protection act

The law, created the office of special counsel, charged with investigating complaints from bureaucrats that they were punished after reporting the Congress about waist, fraud, or abuse and the agencies


What is culture of the agencies

The informal understandings among fellow employees as to how they are supposed to act


The jobs that are career enhancing our part of the



The job that are not career enhancing

Are part of the NCE


Administrative procedure act

Before adopting a new rule or policy and agency must give notice solicit comments and often hold hearings


Freedom of information act

Citizens have the right to inspect all government records except those containing military intelligence or trade secrets or revealing private personal actions


National environmental policy act

Before undertaking any major action affecting the environment and agency must issue and environmental impact statement


Privacy act

Government files about individuals such as Social Security and tax records must be kept confidential


Open meeting law

Every part of every agency meeting must be open to the public unless certain matters for example military or trade secrets are being discussed


What are the consequences of governmental restraints

The government will often act slowly the government will sometimes act in consistently
It will be easier to block action than to take action
Lower ranking employees will be reluctant to make decisions on their own
Citizens will complain of red tape


Is the iron triangle

A close relationship between agency a congressional committee and an interest group


What is client politics

Iron triangles that allow each form to get something out of it


What is an issue network

These issues networks consist of people in Washington-based interest groups were congressional staff and universities and think tanks and in the mass media who regularly debate government policies on a certain subject


What is authorization legalization

Originates in a legislative committee such as agriculture education in labor or public works and states the maximum amount of money that an agency may spend on the given program


What is an appropriate shin

Money formally set aside for specific use which may be in Austin is for less than the amount authorized


What are trust funds

They operate outside the regular government budget and the Appropriations Committee's have no control over these expenditures they are automatic


What is committee clearance

Congressional committees may obtain the right to pass on certain agency decisions


I legislative veto

And requirement that an executive decision must live before Congress for a specified period before it takes effect


What are the five problems with bureaucracies

Red tape conflict duplication imperialism and waste


What is red tape

Refers to the complex rules and procedures that must be followed to get something done


Is conflict

It exists because some agencies seem to be working at cross purposes with other agencies


What is duplication

Occurs when two government agencies seem to be doing the same thing


What is imperialism

First of the tendency of the agencies to grow without regard to the benefits that their programs conference or the cost that they entail.


What is waste

Means spending more than is necessary to buy some product or service


Which type of industries are more liberal

Activist agencies such as Federal Trade Commission and Environmental Protection Agency's


Loosely structured rolls are greatly affected bye

Personal attitudes


What are the advantages of a strong culture

It motivates employees to work hard in order to win the respect of their coworkers as well as the approval of their bosses


What are the disadvantages of a strong culture

It makes it hard for an agency to change, FBI agents for many years resisted getting involved in civil rights or organized crime cases and diplomats in the state department didn't pay much attention to embassy security. These important jobs were not a career enhancing part of the culture


What are three ways in which the Appropriations Committee's have lost some of the great power over government agencies

Trust funds,
Congress has changed the authorization of many programs from permanent or multiyear to annual authorizations and this limits the ability of Appropriations Committee's to determine the spending limit each year
Third the existence of huge fuss budget deficits take up congresses time as they're trying to keep overall spending down and therefore the budget resolution passed by Congress mandated cuts in several programs before the Appropriations Committee's had even completed their work


What was the Chad a case

The court held that the Constitution clearly requires an article one that every order resolution or vote to which the concurrence of the Senate and House of Representatives may be necessary shall be represented to the president of United States who must either approve it or return it with his veto attached. In short, congress cannot take any action that has the force of law unless the president concurs in that action


What was the rehabilitation act

It was past with the provision bearing the discrimination against people with disabilities in any program receiving federal aid