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Solicitor general

Works for the US government, present their viewpoint, I can take 10 minutes out of either side to talk (has a lot of experience or you want her/him to talk for you)


Diversity case

Federal court cases that involve citizens of different states


Criminal law

Fences against society as a whole, must be beyond a reasonable doubt because a criminal law takes away liberty


Sovereign immunity

You can't sue the national government unless it gives you permission


Constitutional court

Federal courts authorized by article 3 of the constitution, judges protected salaries can't be reduced captain office includes the Supreme Court appellate and District Court's


Informa pauperis

Rule stating that a person can bring the case to federal court without paying


Court of Appeals

Started by Judiciary act of 1890 because Supreme Court got overloaded with 19,000 cases the year before, the court can review decision by inferior court this is a discretionary power