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Who is John Quincy Adams

President from 1825 to 1829


What are the seeds of later American constitutional government

The Mayflower compact became this example for later settlers and revolutionaries of self government


What is the idea of America

The pilgrims committed to a system of democratic government to promote the general good of the colony but those who signed later, the declaration held that government derives its powers from the people and this violation of trust was a legitimate cause for revolution


What was individualism

The mortal, political, and ethical philosophy of life that emphasizes individual rights effort and independence.
Individualism emphasized importance of individual rights worth freedom and well-being
Idea is central to democracy


What is popular Sovereignty?

The belief that the authority and legitimacy of the government is based in the consent and authority of the individuals living with and it's boundaries. The ultimate idea is that the power rest with the people and that the people can create alter or abolish government. It is a political extension of individualism. The system will cease to function of those individuals in the constitutional democracy do not exercise that responsibility by participating in the governing process


What is the equality of opportunity

All individuals, regardless of race gender or circumstance have the opportunity to participate in politics self government and the economy.
The meaning of the quality has changed dramatically over time and means different things to different people so equality of opportunity has been the more functional terms of the quality in life


What is freedom of religion

The belief that individuals should be allowed to pursue their economic self interest without government restrictions. A driving force for the immigrants to the United States from the mayflower is that individuals can sheep their own identities and seek new horizons in the New World. Property rights were important to American founders. American revolution was a reaction against these practices in favor of economic liberty and the view that government should have little involvement in regulating economy


What is government

The process is an institution through which binding decisions are made for a society


What are politics

The process by which decisions are made and carried out within and among nations groups and individuals


What is political science

An academic discipline that studies the theory and practice of politics and government. It is one of the social sciences that uses data and methods that overlap and anthropology economics geography history psychology and sociology


What is right reason

When an argument or idea seemed reasonable or sensible (used by the founding framers)


What is a social contract

An agreement whereby individuals voluntarily committed to establish a government that will protect the common interest of all.
Debate over human tendencies as good or evil was also important to the thinking of our republics founders (pride greed superstition injustice self interest). Citizen involvement was is an essential as well as self motivation


What is the bill of rights

What the framers prescribed as the structure of government was written in the Constitution and the protections from government became the bill of rights


What were constitutional provisions for dividing powers among the branches

Harnessing the human capacity for evil


What is American government today

We all greatly depend on the government to provide safety and security. Any problems outside of the governments reach results in the Publix loss of confidence in the government. The government also repairs the public for major disasters. Without the security and information that the government gives we face a world of anarchy.


Why is it important that the people are involved in the government

Throughout the course of US history the people have become more and more involved in their own government. Seemingly small acts by individuals, typically young people, have the potential to make real progress problems


What is "for the people: what governments can do?"

Government exists for the people – what is good for the people should guide the governments Aims


What is the global community

There are important lessons to be learned from other societies and governments


What was the Mayflower compact

The governing document created by the members of the mayflower to temporarily establish self government in the Plymouth colonies in North America.
Was intended to unite the colonies


What is a constitutional government

Difficulty of establishing eight democratic process that consistently results in a peaceful transfer of power. Opponents competing for presidency don't want to send opponents to jail or start revolution they just want to throw them out of office the system is symbolized and efficient


What is government by the people

It is built on hundreds of thousands of our fellow citizens: the people we elect and the people A point to promote the general well fare, provide for domestic tranquility, and secure the blessings of liberty for us.


What is democracy

Government by the people, both directly and indirectly, with free and frequent elections.
Means government by the people not to government by a dictator or a few people


What is a direct democracy

An election in which voters choose party nominees. Citizens assembled to discuss and pass laws and elect their officials


What is direct primary

An election in which voters choose party nominees
It is an example of direct democracy


What is initiatives

A procedure whereby a certain number of voters made by petition propose a lot or constitutional amendment and have it submitted to the voters


What is a referendum

Procedure for submitting to popular vote measures passed by the legislator or proposed amendments to a state constitution


Define recall

A procedure for submitting to popular vote the removal of officials from office before the end of their term


What is representative democracy

Government in which the people elect those who govern and passed laws; also called a republic


What is a constitutional democracy

Government that enforces recognize limits on those who govern and allows the voice of the people to be heard through free fair and relatively frequent elections. A government in which there are recognized, enforced limits on the powers of all governmental officials. It also includes a written set of rules and procedures – constitution


What is constitutional

Set up arrangements including checks and balances federalism separation of powers rule of law due process and a bill of rights. That requires our leaders to listen think bargain or explain before the act or make laws. We then hold them politically and legally accountable for how they exercise their powers. This prevents politicians from abusing their power


What are natural rights

The rights of people to dignity and worth – and that government must be limited and controlled because it was a threat to those rights.


What is political culture

The widely shared beliefs, values, and norms citizens hold about their relationship to government and to one another


What is statism

The idea that the rights of the nation are supreme over the rights of the individual to make it up the nation. The community is less important than the individuals who compose it


Political equality

Every individual has a right to equal protection under the law and equal voting power


What is capitalism

And economic system based on private property, competitive markets, economic incentives, and limited government involvement in the production pricing and distribution of goods and services


What is popular sovereignty

The idea that ultimate political authority rests with the people


What is popular consent

The idea that a just government must derive its powers from the consent of the people what governs