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Everson versus Board of Education

Reimbursing catholic schools for schools transportation doesn't violate the establishment clause because it secular it is just to help children plus families


Lemon versus Kurtzman

Lemon test:
established secular purpose
no advancing or inhibiting any religion over another and no excessive government entanglement


Engel v vitale

Prayer is a nondenominational schools cannot force people to stand there shouldn't be a prayer at all


Zorach. V Clauson

New York City schools had a program where people could leave and go learn religious stuff at other places and this didn't interfere with establishment clause because encouraged free religion and didn't force anyone know public facilities were used


Employment division versus Smith

Drug rehabilitation clinic members of Native American Church took spiritually illegal drugs in Oregon and were fired they couldn't get their jobs back but they could use drugs On American grounds free exercise


Edwards versus Aguillard

Public schools try to make teachers teach evolution plus creationism which was considered unconstitutional and it broke the lemon test because there was more Christian than anything else


Vernonia school v acton

Investigation that athletes were on drugs indicated random drug test which made them unable to participate

the schools act as parents for student safety and students chose to do this as they can get tested which is also called all voluntary action


Gideon v wainwright

Arrested for rape and kidnapping the police didn't tell him his rights

Rights must be red or the confession or info is in admissible


Miranda versus Arizona

Broke into a building arrested but couldn't afford attorney so they didn't have to give him a lawyer because not a capital crime

Everyone has the right to an attorney even if they can't afford it


Goss versus Lopez

Nine kids in Ohio or suspended for protest and refused to hearing

Students must be given a hearing and noticed students are protected differently under due process


Mapp versus Ohio

Women with obscene objects was asked to be searched and said no but policed kick down the door and took her stuff

Must get rid of evidence because it violated the rule to be safe in own home/property


New Jersey versus TLO

Caught smoking plus purse with drugs and was accused plus suspended

Searches and seizures don't require probable cause or warrant because in school you only need reachable suspicion


California versus Greenwood

Garbage cans are not protected under the fourth amendment and is considered legal search


In re gault

Violated sixth amendment no attorney no notice to your parents can't just take you


Reynolds versus US

Believe what you want but some practices may be illegal


Griswold versus Connecticut

Try to make it illegal to use contraceptive which was considered unconstitutional because it violated due process privacy


Dennis versus US

Join communist party and arrested because violent overthrow but was concerned unconstitutional because he wasn't inciting imminent lawless action


National Socialist party versus Skokie

Nazis wanted to march for the super Jewish areas and they were allowed to you because of political speech


Wisconsin versus Yoder

Amish parents refused to send their kids to school after eighth grade and court said they didn't have to because of free exercise clause


Thompson versus Oklahoma

Kid murdered neighbors and was charged with death penalty (adult charge) considered unconstitutional because he was a minor


West Virginia versus Barnett

Everyone had to salute the bow or else they get expelled forcing people to salute flag is unconstitutional and violates freedom of expression


Bush versus Gore

State said it was a fair election and therefore could not recount


Row versus Wade

Jane row challenged Texas pro-life abortion laws

Quartz agreed that this was against the ninth amendment which protects personal rights to privacy and the 14th amendment which says everyone has equal protection under due process


Kelo v new London

The government can take land and give it to a private group but only if the goal is to promote the well-being of the public


US versus Russell

An undercover officer cannot try to induce a person to commit a crime


US versus Nixon

Private court said that Nixon had to share the tapes with the public because the president has to follow some form of due process and there is no executive privileges when it comes to criminal offenses or national security


Jones versus Clinton

Paula Jones Sue's Bill Clinton for sexual-harassment. Supreme Court says the president has to answer to the lawsuit


Wolf versus Colorado

Supreme Court says it legal evidence can be used in trial but it was later overturned by map versus Ohio and the exclusionary rule


Barron versus Baltimore

Two guys sued the mayor of Baltimore for damages to their property. The decision held at the bill of rights only apply to the federal government later overturned by Gitlow