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The removal of a patient from a dangerous situation or position, such as removal from a wrecked vehicle, is known as:



The role of the EMT in the phases of an extrication operation is:

similar to the phases of the ambulance call.


What equipment for personal safety at an extrication scene is required for the EMT?

the equipment necessary will depend on the situation


The primary role of the EMT is to provide emergency care and prevent further injury to the patient. At the extrication scene, it may also include:

gaining access and disentanglement


What actions are necessary to protect the patient during auto extrication operations?

use heavy blankets and backboards as shields


Simple access may be described as:

entry to the patient without the use of tools or force


Using hand powered or hydraulic tools to pull or roll-up the dashboard away from a trapped occupant of a vehicle is called:



When responding to a victim in a trench, the EMT should:

wait for personnel trained in trench rescue to bring the patient to the ambulance.


Safety during rescue or extrication begins with:

the proper mind-set and protective equipment.


The termination phase of the rescue operation involves:

returning the emergency units and specialized equipment to service.


What is the first priority in rescue?

rescuer safety


Which of the following is not a reason for rescue failure according to the mnemonic 'FAILURE"?
- limited access to the patient
- inadequate rescue skills
- lack of teamwork or experience
- unmastered equipment

- limited access to the patient


What is entrapment?

To be caught within a closed area with no way out