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Classic sx of Polycythemia vera

Hyperviscosity, causing vascular sludging; Avg. age of onset 50 yo (but children & young adults affected too); Vision disturbances: blurred vision, amaurosis fugaux, scintillating scotoma, ophthalmic migraine; Key 3: (1) Thrombosis (15%) - stroke, MI, DVT, PE, budd-chiari, superficial thrombophlebitis; (2) Erythomyalgia (burning pain in hands/feet assoc. w/ erythema, pallor, or cyanosis); (3) Pruritis (especially after warm bath); Facial plethora, Hepatosplenomegaly



Phlebotomy, Hct


Labs of PCV

Elevated H+H, Basophilia, Leukocytosis, Thrombocytosis, EPO normal or decreased (NOT increased like other polycythemia); Bone marrow show hypercellular marrow

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