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ST elevations during brief periods of chest pain

Prinzmetal's angina


Sharp chest pain radiating to scapula or back

Aortic dissection


Chest pain relieved by antacids

Esophageal spasm or GERD


Acute tachycardia, dyspnea, and confusion



Next step if widened mediastinum on CXR

Chest CT (ddx: aortic dissection)


Indications for drugs during angina: (1) ASA (2) Clopidrogel (3) GpIIb/IIa (4) Nitroglycerin (5) Beta-blockers (6) ACE inhibitors/ARBs (7) Statins (8) Heparin/Enoxaparin (9) Morphine (10) Thrombolytics

(1) ASA (except high risk of bleeding); (2) Clopidogrel (after PCA, during angina if known MI then load); (3) GpIIb/IIa inhibitors - Abciximab, Tifofiban, Eptifibatide (used in addition during angina, if NSTEMI, high TIMI likely MI); (4) Nitroglycerin (Nitro drip if MI, Sublingual or Nitropaste if not MI) (5) Beta Blockers - MI prevention, during MI, post-MI (Only Metoprolol or Carvedilol cardioprotective) (6) ACEi or ARBS - after MI (contraindication - pregnancy, cause renal problems in fetuses); Beta Blockers/ACEi/ARBs all decrease mortality post-MI; (7) Statin (8) Heparin/Enoxaparin (9) Morphine - decrease pain, decreasing HR/bp (10) Thrombolytics - MI, especially STEMI; if NSTEMI use GpIIbIIIa inhibitors

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