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Tx worsening subdural hematoma

Surgical evacuation of clot via burr hole


Most common predisposing condition for ICH



CT Head shows lacunar shaped lesion - likely cause?

Subdural hematoma - blunt head trauma, rupture of bridging veins


Indications for carotid endarterectomy

(1) Symptomatic 70-99%, clear benefit, both sexes (2) Symptomatic 50-69%, marginal benefit, more for men and within 2 weeks of stroke/TIA (3) Asymptomatic 80-99% w/ at least 5 year life expectancy & surgeon w/ low complication rate


Common cause of lacunar infarct



Preferred tx for febrile seizures

Antipyretics (Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen), Reassurance; NO anticonvulsants


Pt w/ PMH of DVT develops stroke - which study reveals etiology?

Transesophageal Echocargiogram (TEE) (PFO)


Abnormality seen w/ infarction of following arteries: (1) ACA (2) MCA (3) PCA (4) Lacunar arteries (5) Basilar artery

(1) Contralateral loss of sensory &/or motor in legs/feet/trunk (2) Contralateral loss of sensory &/or motor in face/arms/hands, Aphasia - Broca/Wernicke/Conduction/Global (3) Vision defects - unilateral hemianopia w/ macular sparing (4) Lacunar syndrome (see following card) (5) CN abnormalities, Contralateral body weakness (LCST), Coma or alterations of consciousness (Reticular activating system); Decreased sensation, Vertigo, Lack of coordination, Difficulty speaking, or Visual abnormalities


5 Main Lacunar syndromes from lacunar infarct

(1) Pure motor hemiparesis - most common (2) Pure sensory hemiparesis (3) Ataxic hemiparesis (4) Sensory-motor hemiparesis (5) Dysarthria, lumsy hand


Tx for subarachnoid hemorrhage

(1) D/c anticoagulants (2) BP


Lab w/u in status epillepticus

CBC, glucome, lytes, BUN/Cr, LFTs, Tox screen, Mg/Ca, may or may not do LP/CT/MRI


NPH - p/w & tx

Wacky, Wet, Wobbly; Ventriculoperitoneal shunt


Target bp in ischemic stroke pt

220/120; Not tx unless approach this; If giving tPA, bp not greater than 185/110


Different components of radiological w/u of TIA or Stroke

CT head (r/o hemorrhage); Carotid duplex (no carotid stensosi); Echocardiogram (no vegetations, AS, mural thrombis, PFO); CTA/MRA (pinpoint vascular abnormality in brain)

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