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What is the goal of recovery?

To restore the community to a normal level of functioning


What is the goal of the immediate recovery period?

Preservation of life


What happens in the immediate recovery period?

Shelter and emergency supplied provided by local gov and volunteers
Community breakdown, media, coordination from multiple agencies


What is the goal beyond the immediate period?

Restoration of local health care resources
Local, state, fed gov assistance, small business admin loans, rebuilding, individuals should return to normal functioning


What should be done to recover after a chemical incident?

Decontamination of facilities, equipment, vehicles, law enforcement, mental health, environment


What should be done to recover after a biological incident?

Law enforcement, engage public health, post-exposure prophylaxis, mental health, environment


What should be done to recover after a radiological or nuclear event?

Long term monitoring, significant psych impact, fever, cancer, birth defects, devastation of a community


What happens in a natural disaster that makes it hard to recover?

Massive structural damage, high mobidity/mortality, many displaced


What happens in an explosive/trauma event that makes it hard to recover?

Massive casualty and mass fatality incidents possible, significant structural damage


What should be done in crisis management?

Counseling for public/rescue workers, post event debriefing, after action report to identify problems, referral to specialist