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What is incident command?

Uniform organizations, clearly delineated roles, responsibility and authority, clear chain of command and communication


What are the basics of incident command under the commander?

Planning, logistics, operations, finance


What does the planning sector do?

Collects, evaluates, and disseminates information to and from the scene
This information is used in preparing an Incident Action Plan (IAP)


What does the logistics sector do?

Is responsible for identifying and providing services and support to meet the incident’s and personnel’s needs


What does the operations sector do?

Sector oversees the availability and distribution of personnel, equipment, supplies, and facilities
It is responsible for directing the manpower needed to meet the incident needs and objectives


What does the fiance sector do?

Responsible for assessing and tracking incident related costs, keep personnel and equipment records, and administering procurement contracts associated with the incident


Describe National Incident Management Systems (NIMS).

2003, expants key features of ICS, broader organizational framework, terminology, and procedures


What is the role of ICS in NIMS?

Command and management, preparedness, resource management, communication and info management, supporting tech, ongoing management and maintenance


What is YOUR ROLE?

Detection >> notify appropriate command >> communicate useful info timely


What are some other concerns?

Communication systems, crowd control, media interactions


What is the role of incident command for a chemical incident?

IC post upwind and uphill to reduce exposure, evac plan, decontamination, scene control


What is the role if incident command for a biological incident?

Absent or difficult to ID, geographically dispersed, evac and quarantine, public health agencies needed


What is the role of incident command for a radiological incident?

Delayed or difficult scene recognition, special monitoring/survey equipment, decontamination equipment, distance, time, shielding


What is the role of incident command for a nuclear incident?

May be large or difficult to access, structural collapse or compromise, monitoring and survey equipment, supplemental communication equipment, time, distance, shielding


What is the role of incident command for a natural incident?

Could be miles in size, potential for damage/collapse, communication disrupted, inaccessible areas, prolonged operation


What is the role of incident command for a natural incident?

Assume scene unsafe, caution for secondary device, heavy equipment, urban search and rescue