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What are the two types of biological events?

Natural and intentional


What are the two types of bioterrorism release?

Overt (notice of release)
Covert (no notice of threat)


What are a few methods of detection of a biological event?

Inc number of pts, inc unexplained death, usual pt ages, animal die off


What are the CDC categories of bioterrorism agents?

A,B,C designations
Quantity of agent available, ability to disseminate the agent, person-to-person, severity, public response, overall risk to national security


What are the category A agents?

Anthrax, smallpox, plague, botox, tularemia, viral hemorrhagic fever


Why are category B agents in that designation?

Less quantity available, harder to disseminate, less person to person, less severe, less known


What are the category B agents?

Infectious (brucellosis, glanders)
Bio-toxins (ricin, staph entero B)
Water (vibrio)
Food (salmonella, E.coli, shigella)
Viral encephaltis


What are the agents in category C?

Emerging infectious diseases as bioterrorism (nipah, hantavirus)
May pose a significant public health threat (avian flu, SARS)


Describe anthrax.

Endemic in animals sometimes in humans, dealing with infected animals, spores in bio-attack, cutaneous, inhalation, GI


What are the clinical features of anthrax?

Inhalation incubation period 2-43 days with prodrome and abrupt onset of fulminant illness
Widened mediastium and pleural effusions


What are the cutaneous features of anthrax?

1-7 day incubation, itchy papule to ulcer to black eschar, regional adenpathy and systemic symptoms, usually resolves completely


What are the GI features of anthrax?

1-7 incubation, not likely as bioattack, febrile illness w/ blood diarrhae, eating undercooked infected meat


How is anthrax diagnosed?

Blood, gram stain pleural fluid or CSF, inhalational and cutaneous disease


What is the treatment for anthrax?

Ciprofloxacin 400 mg IV
Doxycycline 100 mg IV q12h