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What are the PHE community requirements?

A community response, robust planning, strong interagency relationship, clear communication channels


What are the layers of preparedness from most basic to least?

Community, family, and then individual


What are the PHE consequences?

Casualties - injuries, disabilities, fatalities
Mental and emotional costs
Economic losses


What should be done so you can stay aware?

Read peer reviewed articles, stay informed of current events, get involved in community events, survey your environment


What are some questions to asked about a workplace response plan?

Is there one? Where is it located? What does it contain?


What should you look for in a possible incident?

Do things look right, anything out of place? Use Common sense, recognize sabotage, know security precautions


What should you do if things look suspicious?

Call 911 or FBI


What is the notification sequence for a health issue?

Reporter to a hospital/lab/physician to a health department to the state to the feds (CDC)


In a bioterrorism and public health issues, preparedness will...

Reduce mortality, morbidity, public anxiety, "worried well", mitigate attacks and minimize impact


What are the bioterrorism program goals?

Improve the public health infrastructure and capacity, integrate public heath into new paradigm
Plan and coordinate with community stakeholders and don't normally interact



Respond, Early, Prevent, Outbreaks, Report, Timely


What are volunteers needed for in dispensing sites?

Mass prophylaxis "worse case scenarios" - antibiotic dispensing, smallpox vax, scaleable with "just-in-time" training, medical and non-med roles