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Temporary assistance for needy families

Payments to needy families with children. Replaced the old AFDC program. Partially paid for by the block grants for the federal government and the states. Means test


Supplemental security income

Cash payments to H blind or disabled people whose income is below a certain amount. Paid for from general federal revenues. Means test


Food stamps

Doctors given to people whose income is below a certain level that can be used to buy food at grocery stores. Paid for out of general federal revenues. Means test



Pays medical expenses of persons receiving T ANF or SSI payments. Means test


Earned income tax credit

Pays a cash subsidy or tax credit to poor working families. Means test


Insurance program

A self financing government program based on contributions that provide benefits to unemployed or retired persons


Assisted program

A government program financed by general income taxes that provides benefits to poor citizens without requiring contribution from them


Means test

And income qualification program that determines whether one is eligible for benefits under government programs reserved for lower income groups


Earned income tax credit

The provision of a 1975 law that entitles working families with children to receive money from the government if their total income is below a certain level. The program was expanded in the early 1990s


Service strategy

A policy providing poor people with the education and job training to help lift them out of poverty


Income strategy

A policy giving poor people money to help them lift out of poverty


Political agenda

Issues that people believe require governmental action