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What is the treatment for head lice at home?

Wash and dry items that can be washed
Soak combs and brushes in 130° water for 5-10 minutes
Furniture sprays, fumigation unnecessary
Vacuum floors and furniture


What is the treatment for head lice for family and friends?

check EVERYONE, treat anyone with it


How is lice spread?

hair to hair contact, NO PETS, survices under water for hrs


What do the OTC lice drugs do?

kill live lice only, not effective on nits


What is the pathology of OTC head lice drugs?

Prevents closure of sodium channels inhibiting repolarization resulting in spasm, paralysis, and death


When do lice die off the body?

live - more than day
nits - 1 week


What is the recommendatioin for second treatment with OTC lice meds?

9-10 days after


What are the risk factors for lice?

girls, children in preschool to middle school


What are the OTC drugs for head lice?

pyrethrins/piperonyl butoxide (RID)
Permethrin 1% (Nix)


What is pyrethrins/piperonyl butoxide (RID)?

approved for kids 2 yo and older
caution in pt allergic to ragweed or chrysanthemums
no residue
applied to dry hair
resistance a problem


What is permethrin 1% (NIX)?

approved for 2 mo and older
residual/residue effect last up to 14 days
applied to wash wet hair
less resistance


How do you put on OTC lice treatment?

Apply, covering entire strand from scalp to tip and leave on for 10 min
Wash out with warm water (can use a shampoo after Rid but not with Nix)
Manually remove all nits and lice
Avoid washing hair for 24-48 hours if possible; avoid swimming
Check entire head every 2-3 days for 2-3 weeks, removing any nits or lice
Retreat typically in 7-10 days


What is the prescription drugs for head lice?

benzyl alcohol lotion 5% (ULESFIA)
Ivermectin lotion 0.5% (SKLICE)
Malathion lotion 0.5% (OVIDE)
Spinosad 0.9% topical suspension (NATROBA)


What are the features of benzyl alcohol lotion for head lice?

kills lice, not nits, requires 2nd treatment in 9 days
approved ages 6 mo and up


What are the features of ivermectin lotion?

not ovicidal
one treatment usually effective
approved for ages 6 mo NS UP


How do you put on prescription lice treatment?

Apply to dry hair, leave on for 10 minutes, rinse with water


What is the best thing for head life?

remove the nits


What are the features of malathion lotion?

Pediculicidal and ovicidal
One application typically effective
Approved ages 6 years and up
Apply to dry hair and allow to dry naturally; shampoo after 8-12 hours.


What is a huge caution of malathion lotion?



What are the features of spinosad?

Pediculicidal and ovicidal
One treatment usually effective
Approved ages 6 months and up
Apply to dry hair, leave on 10 minutes, rinse or shampoo


What is the treatment for pubic lice?

lindane (KWELL)


What are the features of lindane?

apply to dry hair, leave on for 4 min only, add small, amounts of water just enough to form a lather, immediately rinse off completely
manually remove all nits


What is the caution and contra for lindane?

DO NOT use in neonates or szs
Caution with combining with anything that increases absorption and elderly


What are the treatments for scabies?

permethrin 5% (ELIMITE)
crotamiton (EURAK)


What are the features of permethrin 5%?

Thoroughly massage in 1/2 tube of cream (30gm) from head to soles of feet; leave on 8-14 hours then wash off with water (may repeat in 7 days if needed


What are the features of crotamiton?

After bathing, thoroughly massage in from chin down; use a toothbrush or other small brush to work Eurax under nails
Change clothes and linens next morning
Apply again in 24 hours
Bathe normally 48 hours after last application


What do you need to think about with lice treatment lotions?

make sure you have enough to actually cover hair


How is body lice spread?

person to person contact, pets do not transfer, carry disease


What lice carries disease?

body lice


What is the best treatment for body lice?

wash clothes in hot water, increase hygiene - should take care of this issue