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What is a T cell mediated AI disease?



What causes this?

overactive immune system, increased C reactive protein


What are some triggers?

skin injury, infections, HIV, hypocalcemia, pregnancy, stress, drugs, ETOH, smoking, obesity


sharply demarcated erythematous plaques with thick white scale (elbows, knees, trunk, parasacrum, scalp); usually symmetrical but doesn’t have to be; may be itchy during flare

classic psoriasis vulgaris


What is erythrodermic psoriasis?

MEDICAL EMERGENCY if pt feels ill - 90% body


shiny erythematous plaques that have no scale because of constant friction in involved areas (axillae, inframammory folds, and groin); can be extremely itchy

Inverse psoriasis


dew drop shaped papules and plaques (trunk, extremities); most common in children, esp post-strep infection; usually self-limited but can be a sign that child will develop psoriasis in future (guttate means “droplike”)

guttate psoriasis


filtration of inflammatory neutrophils cause sterile pustules (generalized or localized); triggers include pregnancy, tapering of steroids, certain biologics, hypocalcemia, infections, irritants; debilitating

pustular psoriasis


sterile pustules with brown macules and sometimes peeling; most pts have psoriasis only in these locations; hardest to treat; usually caused by smoking, infections and stress

pustulosis of palms and soles


large, well-defined and localized plaques with thick white scale, extremely itchy, can be mistaken for seb derm but will extend onto forehead

Scalp psoriasis


How do you differentiate scalp psoriasis from seborrheic dermatosis?

scalp goes onto forehead