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What do fast glycolytic muscle fibres lead to compared to other muscle fibres

A greater and faster rate of contraction


Describe the motor units associated with fast glycolytic muscle fibres

Large, up to 700, larger neurones than other fibres which lead to faster impulses. These motor units have the highest explosiveness and highest maximal strength


What is a muscle cross section

A muscle cross section is the amount and size of muscle fibres


The larger the cross section of muscle the....

Greater the strength + force of contraction


Name 3 factors effecting cross section of a muscle

Age, gender and training


What are the two tests for strength endurance

1. Abdominal curl test
2. Press up test


Describe the abdominal curl test

Performing sit ups in time with a bleep. The test is progressive and the performer continues until failure. The test is based on the time lasted (amount of beeps)


Describe the press up test

The performer completes as many repetitions as possible (hands shoulder width apart) mentaning good form. The score is based on repetitions completed


Describe the 1RM test

The performer selects an exercise to test the strength of a specific muscle. The score is based on the weight lifted


Describe the grip strength dynamometer

The performer takes 3 turns with each hand + records the best score shown on the dial. It should be dialled back to zero after each attempt


What are the 2 tests for maximum strength

1. 1RM test
2. Grip strength dynamometer


What is the test for explosive/elastic strength

1. Vertical jump test


Describe the explosive/elastic test

Performer marks their standing reaching height on a wall. Then jumps as high as possible vertically and marks their height. The score is based on the difference between the marks


Name 3 evaluative points for strength tests

1. Equipment availability and costs
2. If specific muscle groups can be isolated or not
3. Is their a clear procedure and reliable results

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