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What happens when there is a large stimulus from the CNS

A large stimulus from the CNS recruits a large number of motor units providing a greater force of contraction


What are the three types of motor units

Type 1
Type 2a
Type 2b


Describe type one motor units (2 things)

1. Small
2. Produce low force of contractions over a long period of time


Describe type 2a motor units

The force and duration of contractions is between that of type 1 and type 2a motor units


Describe type 2b motor units (2 things)

1. Large
2. Produce the greatest force over a short period of time


In what order are motor units recruited

Firstly type 1a, then type 2a and then type 2b


What is a neurone

A nerve cell


What is an axon

An axon carries an electrical impulse down the neurone to the neuromuscular junction


What is the neuromuscular junction

The neuromuscular junction is where the motor neurone interacts with muscle fibres across a synapse


What is a synapse

A synapse is the space between the moron neurone and the muscle


What is the motor end plate

The motor end plate is an area of muscle that establishes synaptic contact with the neuromuscular junction


What is resting potential

Resting potential is where there is the neurone at rest and there is a lower charge inside the neurone than outside the neurone


What is action potential

Action potential is the electrical energy that is carried down the axon


What is the neurotransmitter that is transmitted from the neuromuscular junction across the synapse

Acetyl choline


What is the all or none law

The all or none law states that the action potential threshold must be reached for all the fibres in that motor neurone to contract and if it’s not reached then none of the fibres in that motor neurone will contract


Define a motor unit

A motor unit is a motor neurone plus all the muscle fibres it innervates

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