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Define limb kinematics

The study of movements of limbs in space, and time taken to carry out the movements. It includes the study of gait


Limb kinematics in action

Reflective markers are placed on the performers body landmarks and they are filmed using multiple video cameras. The data is transferred into digital form for analysis.


Name 2 uses of limb kinematics

1. Info readily available
2. Coaches use info to make changes to technique
3. Examine the effect of movements causing injury
4. Investigate effectiveness of techniques


Name 2 drawbacks of limb kinematics

1. Expensive equipment
2. Results don’t take into account individuals differences
3. Lab conditions make techniques difficult to reenact due to space of lack of game situations


Define force plates

Force plates are platforms that measure all forces applied when a performer stands, steps across or jumps on it


Force plates in action

The platform measures the ground reaction forces that the performer generates. This can be vertical or both planes of horizontal forces. Data generated including a force time graph, power and acceleration information.


Name 2 benefits of force plates

1. Fast and accurate results recorded
2. Analysis of gait, take off and landing technique
3. Results can be used to plan training programmes


Name 2 drawbacks of force plates

1. Equipment is expensive
2. Laboratory conditions make it difficult to perform techniques (eg long jump)


Define wind tunnel

A wind tunnel is a chamber at which air is forced


Wind tunnel in action

Performer/object tested is placed in tunnel. A controlled flow of air is forced through and the airflow around the object is studies to measure resistance around it


Name 2 benefits of wind tunnels

1. Can analyse new techniques to increase or decrease air resistance in techniques
2. Wind speed can be mimicked to represent game situations
3. Individual pieces of equipment can be tested (cycle helmets)


Name 2 drawbacks of wind tunnels

1. Equipment is expensive
2. Can’t completely mimic game situations as situations vary

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