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At the campaign level, you can specify which of the following?

Network distribution settings


When a user is given 'standard access' by an MCC account manager, that user is able to:

make changes to campaigns in that account


With standard access to MCC can a user do the following ?

1. Change access levels of other users in that account
2. Invite other users to access the account
3. Disable access to the account


"Standard access

Can receive notification emails
Can view, edit and manage any part of an account and its campaigns
Can't give account access or change another person's access level"


If a small number of invalid clicks have been missed by Google's automatic filtering system, what is done to ensure that the client is not billed for them?

Proactive offline analysis by the ad traffic quality team


Detection of Invalid Clicks

The systems and processes that we use to detect and filter invalid clicks can be divided into what three types:

Proactive Filters
Proactive Offline Analysis
Reactive Investigators


Detection of Invalid Clicks

What do Proactive Filters do

Automated algorithms which filter out invalid clicks in real time, before they are charged to advertisers’ accounts
Analyze all clicks on AdWords ads
Automatically discard clicks and impressions from known sources of invalid activity
Account for vast majority of invalid click detection


Detection of Invalid Clicks

What do Proactive Offline Analysis do

Automated algorithms and manual analysis
Focuses on the AdSense network, but also includes Google sites and those in other networks
Accounts for a much smaller proportion of invalid clicks than that detected by our automated filters


Detection of Invalid Clicks

What do Reactive Investigators do

Relatively rare
All advertiser inquiries about invalid clicks are investigated by Google and taken very seriously
The number of invalid clicks detected by investigations is negligible relative to the number detected by filters and offline analysis


Maximum CPA is:

the most you are prepared to pay for each conversion


Advertisers who use Conversion Tracking have access to ‘Search Funnels’. What do ‘Search Funnels’ reveal?

Detailed information about clicks and ads, the various steps that users take on your site before conversion takes place


The reason why an advertiser has noticed a decrease in traffic since they started using Conversion Optimizer is probably:

CPA bids were set below recommended amounts


Which of these options is a requirement before signing up to use AdWords API?

a MCC account


Big Film Inc. is launching a new low budget movie. Their goal is to achieve brand awareness and expose their latest film to as many people as possible. Of the following campaigns, which one should be left unedited?

Campaign 2 with set marketing budget, prioritizing current ad position over clicks


It is considered a sensible practice to temporarily deactivate Conversion Optimizer if you:

1. combining several campaigns into one
2. are transferring your Conversion Tracking code to a different page